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Aged Care Furniture
Quality aged care furniture provides excellent safety and greater mobility. These furniture pieces also provide great comfort and improve circulation. They are sturdy and durable and are ergonomically designed to provide support at key points on the body. At Have a Seat, we have different types of furniture for aged users with different requirements.
Aged Care Furniture for Greater Mobility
Our range of health care furniture provides excellent mobility to the old who may not be as comfortable in moving from one place to another for normal activities. Care givers will find this mobility more convenient as part of their job. Consider our model Ina SG 806C RLX RD03 that can be moved around on its casters and provides excellent cushioning and support at different points.
Users can lay back in utmost comfort and the specially designed armrest and headrest provide additional support. Models like Regina-SG-818C-RD02 allow aged users to lead a more mobile and independent life. At Have a Seat, we also offer castors that can be easily fit on your seating.
Reclining Seating
It is specifically important for the old and sick to choose seating solutions with reclining features. As trusted aged care furniture suppliers australia, we offer a selection of seating options with tilting adjustment feature. The user can tilt or recline to the optimal comfort level. Such features also make it easier for caregivers to have better respiratory access for users with significant thoracic curve.
For example, you model Regina-SG-825-RLX-PG provides much more than excellent comfort. It can recline back to provide more flexibility to the user. It also features support for the feet, providing more comfort and convenience to users. Other models like Regina-SG-821C-RLX provide lesser or greater level of recline and tilt.
Improved Circulation
Improved circulation and constant movement are important concerns for the aged and their caregivers. The best aged care furniture is designed keeping mind these requirements. All of our seating solutions are designed to apply adequate pressure at key points to promote circulation. Besides, the designs allow users to raise legs, lay back, and move their body to improve blood flow.
We also offer a large selection of wooden and metal tables, ergonomically designed to meet the working and feeding requirements of the elderly.

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