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Booth seating

Booth Seatings

The perfect booth seatings offer flexibility, save space, are comfortable, and hard-wearing to deal with the heavy-duty application in a restaurant setting. At Have a Seat, we offer booths in different styles including single, corner, and custom booth seating to meet the needs of different types of restaurants and pubs.

Single Booth Seating   

Single booth seating from reputed booth seating manufacturer provides excellent flexibility, as they can be placed against a wall or aisle. Accommodating anything from 2 adults to 3 kids comfortably, these booths are also called Deuce Restaurant Booths and 2 Seater Booths. They provide seating on a single side and have a flat back on the other.

At Have a Seat, you can choose booth seats for sale including models such as the Booth with Plinth and Buttoned Booth Seat that are comfortable and elegant additions to a family restaurant, club, cafe, or pub. Featuring sturdy timber framework and comfy high-quality foam, these booth seats are available in a multitude of colours.

Corner Booth Seating

One of the big advantages of corner booth seating is its open design on two sides. It allows capturing visitors on two different aisles. Welcome visitors that tend to stand still at the corner when deciding which way to go. Choose our Corner Booth with Buttons that features solid timber framework and comfortable high-grade foam that can withstand extensive commercial application of your restaurant, cafe, pub, or club.

Custom Booth Seating

Innovative interior design will always require custom booth seating to adapt to the shape and design of the wall or aisle. Have a Seat offers elegant and comfortable Custom Booth Seating that can be created to blend into any interior restaurant, cafe or pub setting, even as kitchen booth seating.

All restaurant owners realise the importance of the dining area in generating revenues for their business. The area demands an efficient and comfortable design and lay out that appeal aesthetically and functionally to the guests. Space efficient booth seatings can enhance the area’s value and appeal. Adding the right booths from our collection can save more floor space and increase the seating. Our booths can also be designed to provide more privacy to your guests.