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Stands and Hangers

Coat Racks

The perfect coat racks are sturdy and versatile. They also have an element of art and beauty to them, something that is often in line with your restaurant or bar’s theme. At Have a Seat, we offer standalone and wall-mounted racks in a wide range of material options.

Standalone Coat Racks

Our range of standalone coat hook rack designs is widely popular. Readily recognisable, they are typically positioned on the corner of a room and offer multiple convenient hooks for the visitors. They are usually available in wooden and metal construction and stand out for their artistic designs and lines. Some of the popular models in our collection include the P-0428 and the P-8.

The wooden standalone coat racks are more suited to traditional and rustic dining environments. Available in a multitude of wooden and colour options, they are perfect for more classic themes. Our metal coat racks feature simple and minimalistic designs. Featuring different colour options, they are valued for their strength and rigidity, as they can hold even heavy articles of clothing.

Wall Mounted Coat Racks

When it comes to saving space in your restaurant, café, or bar, the wall mounted coat rack makes the most sense. These racks allow in making the most of the empty walls, adding both beauty and functionality to the space. Available in different sizes, shapes, and lengths, you can choose the right options based on the theme and the number of guests you expect.

Our range of wall hanger hooks is also available in wooden and metal options. The most popular models in our portfolio include P-9955 and P-9956, offering the perfect blend of aesthetics and strength. While wooden wall-mounted racks are beautiful, they may not be as hardwearing as their metal counterparts. Metal racks are made to last forever. You can also have them custom-designed to match with your commercial setting’s theme.

We offer coat racks in a wider range of material and design options. It is recommended to install more than enough number of racks to provide optimal convenience to your guests. Consider the aesthetic features so that even when they are not in use, they serve a purpose for the space.