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Alpha High Back with arms

Alpha High Back

Alpha Medium Back with arms

Alpha Medium Back

E350 High Back

E350 High Back with arms

E350 Medium Back with arms

E350 Medium Back

ME350 with arms


P350 High Back with arms

P350 High Back

P350 Medium Back with arms

P350 Medium Back

Rio High Back with arms

Rio High Back

Rio Medium Back with arms

Rio Medium Back

TR600 Extra High Back with arms

TR600 Extra High Back

MVE350 High Back with arms

MVE350 High Back

MVE350 Medium Back with arms

MVE350 Medium Back

Intro Chair

Police Chair


Lucido Medium Back 2 Lever


Lucido High Back 2 lever


Lucido Medium Back 3 Lever


Lucido High Back 3 Lever


March Medium Back


March Medium Back with arms


March High Back


March High Back with arms


March Extra High Back


March Extra High Back with arms


February Medium Back


February Medium Back with arms



Task & Clerical

Computer Chairs

A good computer desk chair will offer lots of versatility and flexibility in terms of seating ergonomics. It is comfortable and offers plenty of support at key points. Besides allowing ergonomic adjustments, it is also sturdy and durable at the same time. At Have a Seat, we offer computer chairs for your commercial office seating requirements. This includes armless and armed chairs and with material options like mesh, fabric, and leather.

Armed Computer Desk Chairs

Our collection of armed computer desk chairs is quite vast and varies in terms of material options and heights. The mid-back and high-back designs allow you to choose the ideal chairs for your staff. Consider our models for your office desks, including the Alpha High Back with Arms with its vivid colours, the Medium Back with Arms chair, or Extra High Back with Arms chair. A high-back option is also suited for a large corner office. All our chairs feature a swivel mechanism that makes it easy to move freely about the desk.

Armless Computer Desk Chairs

From breathable mesh to black fabric, we offer armless computer chairs sydney in various materials for optimal comfort levels. Many users prefer armless chairs for the amount of freedom they offer in turning around. You will also have seating that doesn't bump into the desk. Getting up close to the work surface becomes easier, as there is no hindrance.

Our range of armless computer chairs provides greater versatility in terms of the furniture use in your commercial establishment. They can practically be used with a wide variety of desks without affecting use.

Our Lucido Medium Back chair provides greater functionality in a simpler design. Featuring moulded foam seat, premium nylon, and fiberglass reinforcement and steel ring provide the perfect combination of comfort and strength. Our Police Chair offers much more than its unique design. The elegantly moulded chair has commercial foam, excellent lumbar support, and the 5-pronged base offers high stability.

Our large selection of computer desk chairs makes it possible for you to find just the right seating solutions for each and every space.