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Drafting Chairs

The best drafting chairs provide plenty of flexibility in terms of applications. They are comfortable, ergonomic and sturdy. And at Have a Seat, we can also offer chairs that blend into your office environment and match the existing theme of your furniture. We offer different types of drafting chairs and stools including those with armrests, armless, mesh-back, leather chairs, and more.

Drafting Chairs with Armrests & Padded Back

Padded armrests and backrest can provide comforting support, giving greater meaning to the purpose for which drafting chairs australia are meant. Our range comprises of chairs of different heights with swivel feature. Our February Drafting Chair has a large nylon base, steel ring reinforcement, 2-level system, and a back height adjuster. The angle adjustment on the moulded foam seat further reduces any stress on the lower back or legs. The P350DC and MVE350DC are also popular options to choose from.

Armless Drafting Chairs

We understand that many users find armrests to be constraining. Our collection of armless drafting chairs provides more flexibility with their open design. Choose from our MESH-E350D model that offers excellent height and special mesh backrest that is breathable and more open, the simpler P350D with ample cushioning and back support, and the sophisticated August Industrial Drafting Chair.

Our August Industrial Drafting Chair features unique fiberglass chair, back height adjustment for optimal lumbar support, and special gas height and back angel adjustment. We also offer armless chairs with backrests in different designs.

Drafting Stools

Our range of drafting stools provides greater mobility, as they feature more options for motion. Similar to the drafting chair from the cushion down, they feature a stool for the seat, with a small backrest. There are also designs with saddle seat or no backrest.

You can also choose from our unique leaning drafting chairs and stools. They are ideally suited for commercial settings and applications where there is lesser need for moving the chair. These seating solutions have a stationary base and flexible support, making it easier for the users to lean effortlessly onto the table.

All our drafting chairs and stools have been designed to keep the spine and posture in their natural position. Keeping specific muscles engaged also helps in keeping the body and mind more active.