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Magnum Medium Back

Magnum High back

Flex1 Medium Back

Flex1 High back

Club Medium Back

Club High back

Clark Medium Back

Clark High back

Hilux Medium Back

HIlux High Back

WEB Medium Back

WEB High Back

Camry Medium Back

Camry High back

Civic Medium Back

Civic High back


Rover Medium Back

Rover High back






Enzo Medium Back

Enzo High back

November Mesh Executive Chair




Executive Office Chairs

Good executive office chairs are about ergonomics, great comfort, durability, and longevity. They are adequately flexible and allow users to spend hours without feeling fatigued. At Have a Seat, we offer different types of executive chairs for your commercial setting.

Ergonomic Executive Office Chairs

Well-designed executive office chairs sydney are ergonomically designed. They reduce strain on the hip, back, or leg from sitting for long hours. The design comprises of proper headrest, lumbar support, adjustability, cushioning, and suspension.

The result is that your employees will be able to work more efficiently. Reduced healthcare and wellness costs and reduced absenteeism are residual benefits. Our Magnum Medium and High Back and Civic models provide all the support required for users of different heights and sizes. Our model, Ranger, has a sophisticated design that focuses on specific support points on the body.

We also offer models with pneumatic, revolving, and synchro locking mechanisms. Our ERGO model, with its scientific construction, is an excellent option.

Improved Focus & Attention

Our range of ergonomically designed executive leather office chair provides greater comfort and relaxation to your employees. The design, support, and proper posture prevent the constant fidgeting and movement for finding the perfect sitting position. There will be lesser distraction for the users to break their focus.

Whether it is our Enzo Medium Back or Hilux Medium Back chair, it will wrap around the body the moment someone sinks in. The time-tested design prevents the user from thinking about the chair or any inconvenience and focus on the work in front of them. The lack of back pain or leg strain, even when seated for hours, allows your employees to deliver greater productivity.

Versatile Material & Aesthetic Options

At Have a Seat, we offer a vast selection of executive office chairs in terms of materials, designs, and colours. The black, warm and dark brown, and burgundy leathers go well with all types of office environments including modern and traditional styles. The key is to match the style with the existing furniture. From overstuffed traditional chairs to modern, sleek designs with straight lines, we offer everything for your office.