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Genoa Barstool – timber


Genoa Barstool – Vinyl


Genoa Barstool with Back – Timber


Genoa Barstool with Back – Vinyl


No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Natural Beech


Parisian Barstool Black


Parisian Barchair Black


Santorini Barstool


Santorini Barchair


Zero Barstool


Zero Outdoor Barstool


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Natural Beech


Finland Barstool With Padded Seat


Eva Barstool


Rake Barstool


Stockholm Barstool


Albury Barchair


Chevron Barstool


Doll Barstool Upholstered


Finland Barstool


May Barstool


Bora Barstool


Osaka Barstool


Spoke Bentwood Barstool


French Barstool


French Woody Barstool


Tolix Barstool


Tolix Barstool – Special Clearance Colours

$79.00 $65.00

Tolix Barstool Copper


Tolix Barstool Timber Seat


Berlin Parisian Barstool

$139.00 $99.00

Elbow Barstool


Smith Barstool


Smith Barstool Padded


Boston Barstool


Cremorne Barstool


Cremorne Barstool Zebrano


Cremorne Stool Padded


Wind Barstool (Original by Siesta)


Wind Barstool (Replica)


Boss Barstool


Toukley Round Barstool


Toukley Square Barstool


Toukley Barstool Black


Toukley Teak Outdoor Barstool


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Beech


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Black


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Beech


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Black


Fan Bentwood Barstool


Mocha Bentwood Barstool


Tokyo Barstool


Tokyo Barstool Padded


Grid Barstool – Red

$169.00 $115.00

Grid Barstool


Alhambra Barstool


Gio Barstool

$135.00 $99.00

Cello Barstool


Bolt Down Barstool


Coredrill Quid Barstool


High Ride Barstool



Bar stools

Bar Stools  

The right barstools for your commercial establishment must be stylish, comfortable, the right height, and durable and hard-wearing. They are an integral part of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment rooms. We at Have a Seat provide bar stools online for different types of commercial applications including metal, leather, swivel, wooden, and backrest bar stools.

Metal Bar Stools  

Our range of metallic bar stools follow classic lines and are perfect for restaurants, bars, and pubs. Providing reasonable comfort, these stools are available in different styles and finishes to enhance the décor. Sleek designs make them easier to stack. At Have a Seat, you can choose models including our Hyland 3-Leg Barstool with a modern industrial design to the Tolix Barstool with timber seat and galvanised and powder coated steel frame.

Wood Bar Stools    

Wood commercial bar stools are unique in their power to fit into almost any environment. Having simplistic and neat designs makes them perfect for both contemporary and classic bars. Adding a luxurious feel to all environments, they make excellent choices for commercial applications. Our Rope Barstool is made of solid timber and heavy-duty rope foot ring. The swivel seat and different colour options add to its unique looks. The May Barstool is pretty basic, but this solid timber design is practical and is available in natural and walnut finishes.

Backrest Bar Stools     

Backrest bar stools provide additional comfort. Choose between lip back rest bar stools sydney that can easily tucked under a table or shelf and the large-back support stools. Besides space, the choice also depends on the amount of comfort you want to provide. We offer a world of options with the Eva Barstool representing the small-back-rest stool. It has a more modern design. The powder-coated metal construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Oxford barstool features a full-fledged PU upholstered seat with backrest.

We further offer a wide range of cushioned, industrial, and versatile designs in bar stools. Our collection is available in various material combinations including wood and metal. The Santorini Barchair takes the whole barstool experience to the next level.