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No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Natural Beech


No 18 Bentwood Stool Padded


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Natural Beech


Spoke Bentwood Barstool


No 18 Bentwood Stool


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Beech


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Black


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Beech


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Black


Fan Bentwood Barstool


Mocha Bentwood Barstool



Bentwood stools

Bentwood Bar Stools

Bentwood stools are cherished for their classic style and timeless appeal. The best bentwood bar stools are sturdy and pieces of art. They are durable, stable, and are available in various designs. At Have a Seat, we offer bentwood bar stools in solid beech wood with or without backrest.

Bentwood Bar Stools without Backrest

Made of solid beech wood, most of our bentwood stools sydney feature curved lines, classic shades, and tons of traditional ambiance. The No.18 Bentwood stool is a splendid example of how bentwood bar stool should be. It can be a splendid addition to your café, bar, hotel restaurant, or nightclub. Choose our No.18 Walnut Bentwood Barstool, which is also available in other colour options.

Bentwood Bar Stools with Backrest 

With bentwood stools sydney with backrest, we take the story of curves and bends to the next level. Available in both timber and padded seats, the backrests provide optimal support to your guests. Choose from walnut and beech colour options to suit to the décor of your establishment.

Our No.18 Bentwood Barstool with padded back is an interesting piece of furniture that brings more comfort and class to your bar, pub or restaurant. Made it solid beech wood, it has reinforced joints, advanced construction, and lots of durability for use in a commercial setting. Our Fan Bentwood Barstool, with its busier construction, features functional set of arms. The overall impact is greater comfort and support.

If you prefer something simpler and sophisticated, our Spoke Bentwood Barstool is an excellent choice. Handcrafted by experienced and skilled craftsmen, it is made in European beech wood. It has simple and straight lines and provides optimal back support and reasonable comfort to your guests.

All our bentwood stools are designed and made with quality, precision, and sturdiness in mind. Intricate designs, classic lines, and the use of the finest wood from Europe add to the premium look and feel. Our collection comprises of designs that are a favourite with cafes, bars, pubs, and bistros. Choose from premium and standard wood finishes and tones to suit to your interior décor theme.