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Gaming stools

Gaming Stools

Great gaming stools are comfortable, provide good support, are sturdy, and ergonomically designed. The materials and construction must be hard-wearing to withstand regular use in a commercial setting. At Have a Seat, we provide game room chairs and stools with inspired designs, high quality fabrication details, and the use of premium materials. We offer specially designed game room stools with features like high-resilience, hypoallergenic foam cushioning, and different upholstery options.

Comfortable Game Room Seating   

Your game room or bar will not be complete without having plenty of comfortable seating. Besides the seating for your bar area, you will also need gaming stools for the game tables. Comfortable space is also required for guests who would be watching and enjoying the games. We offer many models for you to choose from including our Gaming Stool model with its comfortable swivel seat upholstered in PU leather. The chrome plated steel is in strong contrast to the Black or Brown seat and back. Once your guests sink into the cushioning, they will have a hard time breaking away from the entertainment. The unique back design hugs beautifully around the back and the sides, providing additional support.

Seating for the Ultimate Gaming Den 

Your gaming room may offer all sorts of entertainment for your guests – from poker tables to pool to ping pong. Our game room bar stools can create the ultimate gaming retreat for your guests. Our Egypt Gaming Stool is made for optimal comfort and durability. It is an excellent seating solution for clubs, pubs, and casino settings. The Luxor Gaming Stool is a slight modification of the design, offering more support on the sides.

Comfortable and hard-wearing seating is also an integral part of media rooms in pubs and restaurants for watching movies or sports in action. At Have a Seat, we have a series of gaming stools in various designs and colour options to suit to each interior. Choose from our Gaming Stool II and Gaming Stool III models made of commercial grade materials with high resilience. The different designs and styles allow matching perfectly with the interior décor’s theme.