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Genoa Stool – Timber


Genoa Stool – Vinyl


Genoa Barstool – timber


Genoa Barstool – Vinyl


Genoa Barstool with Back – Timber


Genoa Barstool with Back – Vinyl


No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Natural Beech


No 18 Bentwood Stool Padded


Zero Outdoor Barstool


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Padded Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool with Back Padded Natural Beech


Finland Barstool With Padded Seat


Doll Barstool Upholstered


Finland Barstool


May Barstool


Osaka Barstool


Spoke Bentwood Barstool


French Barstool


French Woody Barstool


May Stool


Hyland 3-Leg Stool


Elbow Barstool


Smith Barstool


Smith Barstool Padded


Boston Barstool


Cremorne Barstool


Cremorne Barstool Zebrano


No 18 Bentwood Stool


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Beech


Baby Chair


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool Black


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Beech


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Barstool With Back Black


Fan Bentwood Barstool


Mocha Bentwood Barstool


Tokyo Stool


Tokyo Barstool


Tokyo Barstool Padded



Wood stools

Wooden Bar Stools  

A good wooden bar stool is durable and sturdy, doesn’t warp or dent, and lasts forever. Wooden bar stools are more comfortable than stools made of other materials and have a unique charm to them. They also help you get the most out of the available space. Available in a wide range of wood options and styles, we at Have a Seat offer most of these options for your commercial applications.

Classy Wooden Bar Stools

Our wooden bar stools australia collection is available in different heights and with or without backrest or arms. Each model is designed to be classy and robust. The most popular models, those found in traditional local pubs, are known for their simplicity, rustic or industrial style, and solid construction.

The Hyland Barstool is made of Solid European Beechwood seat. It features an industrial design and is an apt addition to your restaurant, pub, or club. We offer the stool in different heights to match to your table height. You may also consider our Rope Barstool model that comes with a swivel seat.

Comfortable Wooden Bar Stools with Backrest & Arms  

Traditional bar stools were simple in their designs. At Have a Seat, we offer wooden bar stools sydney in many designs including ones with back rest, elbows, and arms. Choose from our models such as the Beechwood Industri Barchair with and without vinyl seat and back with Antique Walnut finish, the Beechwood Finland Barstool available in Natural and Walnut finishes, the timber Destiny Barstool with its plain and beautiful lines, or the American Oak Elbow Barstool with black vinyl upholstery. Our collection includes stools in styles ranging from contemporary to industrial to the classic.

Our collection of wooden bar stools allows you to create an atmosphere of a traditional, old pub from the basement or a modern bar with some flair. We also offer bentwood bar stools made of rich timber and in different shades and with various comfort factors. Wood offers so much versatility, adding more warmth and comfort to your pub, restaurant, or bar, while also being available in modular designs.