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Banquet tables

Banquet Tables

The best banquet tables are versatile, durable, and provide plenty of space to accommodate more guess. They are also well-built and sturdy. At Have a Seat, we offer different types of banquet and trestle tables including Round and Straight tables for your restaurant or other commercial dining space.

Round Banquet Tables

Round banquet tables are ideally suited for formal dining settings. Our range of round tables is widely popular among restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. Greater per-table seating capacity and convenience are excellent properties that make them more preferable for guests. These tables also make great sense for restaurants with a stage, as removing one or two seats will prevent the guests from having their backs to the stage.

We offer round banquet tables in a wide range of sizes. One of our most popular models, the White Banquet Table, is known for its retro theme. The 1800mm-diameter folding table is 750mm high and features a powder coated steel frame offering excellent sturdiness.

Straight Banquet Tables

Straight banquet tables or rectangular tables are versatile in that they can also be used for buffet displays. Our range of modern, laminate and Melamine surface tables look elegant without the need for skirting or linen.

Our range of straight banquet and trestle tables include our Clearance Bar Table featuring laminate surface and Tasmanian Oak, which makes and excellent bar table and the Melamine trestle table with white surface finish and black powder coated steel folding frame, and more. Whether you have classic-themed or contemporary dining space, we have just the right tables to blend into the theme and match the other furniture.

Our banquet and trestle tables are designed to make the most of the available space. The design makes optimal use of the space that is usually left unused. Lightweight and foldable, these tables can be readily moved around. This makes them even more versatile to be used wherever and whenever the need arises. Your guests will also enjoy generous amounts of leg room. Excellent stability is another strong reason why they find more room in commercial dining establishments. We also offer a banquet table trolley that provides greater mobility.