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European Beechwood Top with Pisa Base


Genoa Cafe table


Black Galvanised Bench 1.2


Black Galvanised Bench 1.8


Walnut Melamine Top with Milano Base


Melamine with Milano Base


Melamine with Black Milano base


Melamine with Paris Base


Melamine with Pisa Square Base


Melamine with Pisa Round Base


Marble Melamine with Pisa Copper Base


American Oak with Milano Base


American Oak with Black Milano Base


American Oak with Paris Base


American Oak with Pisa Square Base


American Oak with Pisa Round Base


Werzalit with Milano Base


Werzalit with Black Milano Base


Werzalit with Paris Base


Werzalit With Pisa Square Base


Werzalit with Pisa Round Base


Compact Laminate with Milano Base


Compact Laminate with Black Milano Base


Alba Compact Laminate with Twin Black Milano Base

$355.00 $199.00

Compact Laminate with Paris Base


Compact Laminate with Pisa Square Base


Compact Laminate with Pisa Round Base


60cm Brass Edge Marble with Baby Paris Base


70cm Round Brass Edge Marble with Paris Base


American Oak Communal Table


Cairns 4 Leg Table


1.2m Long Outdoor Bench Set


1.8m Long Outdoor Bench Set



Café tables

Cafe Tables

The best cafe tables are comfortable, elegant, sturdy, and highly resilient. Available in different styles, sizes, shapes, colours, and materials, there are designs that can match your café or restaurant’s theme. Also these tables are designed to be hard-wearing so that they can withstand the high volume demands of the commercial environment. We at Have a Seat offer indoor and outdoor cafe tables in round, square, and rectangular shapes and in various designs including rustic, contemporary, and industrial.

Versatile Café Table Options 

Our vast range of commercial cafe tables wholesale allows you to choose from a world of options. Consider our Black Galvanised Bar Table set with matching bar stools with Walnut finish hardwood timber tops and steel frame. You can also choose the Black Galvanised Bench with garden setting design in different height configurations.

There are almost endless individual cafe tables sydney designs with table tops in different material and colour options. Choose the right table to blend into your café’s theme. The colour options include Living Oak, White, Wenge, Black, and Beech, with all made in Melamine. The aluminium table base is available in coating of different colours. There are as many variations with our Paris table base models. The Marble Melamine table top with Pisa Round Copper base is another stunning piece of work that can bring almost any dining space to life.

Indoor & Outdoor Café Tables  

With so many options to choose from, Have a Seat makes it easy for you to select cafe tables for indoor and outdoor applications. Consider our Brass Edge Marble Table. Made of Werzalit Resin, it features a unique brass edge with a classy appearance. It features a cast iron, baby Paris base that makes it perfect for more classic dining spaces.

Our other Werzalit indoor and outdoor cafe tables come in a multitude of unique tabletop colour options including Carrara Marble, Distressed, Light Beech, Old Oak, Shesman, Travertine, and Walnut among others. We also provide cafe tables wholesale with stainless steel tabletops for commercial settings where there is a need for greater durability, strength, and to match more modern styles.