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Coffee tables

Coffee Tables

A typical coffee table is long and low and is meant to accommodate beverages, books, magazines, decorative items and more. It is beautiful or cute, and needs to be sturdy when used in a commercial setting. At Have a Seat, we offer different types and styles of coffee tables online including Mid Century, Modern, and Classic coffee tables.

Mid Century Coffee Tables

The mid-century modern style coffee tables take their inspiration from the 1950s to 1960s. They feature clean and simple lines. A wide range of materials including wood and moulded plastic are used. Wood will typically have simple finishes to bring out its natural elegance. At Have a Seat, you can find out Industrial Coffee Table made of hardwood to be an excellent example of this style.

Modern Coffee Tables

Modern coffee tables sydney, influenced by modernism, are simple and use a variety of materials to achieve a neat and clean look and simple lines to look their best in a bright setting. Our Square Coffee Table featuring a laminate table top and metal frame available in different colours, Sicily Coffee Table with Werzalit top and elegant metal base, and Milano Coffee Table with Werzalit top and Milano base are excellent examples.

Contemporary commercial settings typically feature striking interiors with bright and bold accents. Metal bases and glass tops are usually an integral part of the design in these tables.

Classic & Rustic Coffee Tables

Our collection of hardwood coffee tables online allow you to add the perfect pieces of furniture to your rustic or classic-themed restaurant or café spaces. Choose from our Alvita Coffee Table available in Beech, Walnut, and Whitewash finishes or the American Oak Coffee Table with a unique round design. Industrial styled tables evoke a sense of purpose and use a combination of wood and metal. They stand out for their sturdy construction and go well with both modern and classic themes.

From classic to industrial to modern styles, we offer coffee tables sydney for all different commercial dining settings. We also offer custom coffee table designs to adapt to your unique restaurant, café or bar theme.