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Genoa Bar Table 1200cm


Genoa Bar Table 1800cm


Black Galvanised Bar Table Set 1200×750 or 1800×750


Black Galvanised Bar Table Set 75×75


Black Galvanised Bench 1.2


Black Galvanised Bench 1.8


American Oak Communal Table


1.2m Long Outdoor Bench Set


1.8m Long Outdoor Bench Set



Communal tables

Communal Tables

The right cafe communal tables can transform a restaurant or café’s atmosphere to create unforgettable experience for your guests. As a restaurant or café owner, communal tables will always help you increase your revenues. They maximise the available space, create a smaller footprint, and fit more guests. At Have a Seat, we have different types and sizes of such tables for commercial dining environments of different sizes and themes.

Family-Style Seating Solution

The cafe communal tables help maximise your commercial dining establishment’s square footage. It allows to comfortably fitting more guests into lesser space. Add plenty of plates and glasses on the table’s surface. If you need to serve family-style, select a wider table such as our American Oak Hardwood Communal Table and leave greater room for shared platters in the middle.

We offer a variety of Black Galvanised Bar Table Sets to meet different seating requirements in different spaces. Choose a model for each area, depending on how much space is available.  These models are feature Keruing Hardwood Timber Tops and galvanised steel frames.

Durable Hardwood Communal Tables

These tables are made by leading communal table manufacturers, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art. Seasoned over several years, the wood offers excellent resistance to splitting and warping. High-quality finish is used to carefully seal the surfaces, ensuring resistance to scratches, heat, and water.

We offer communal tables for both indoor and outdoor applications. Choose from our Outdoor Bench Sets available in different sizes to go with your outdoor seating requirements. The slated Keruing Hardwood Timber Tops enhance both beauty and comfort.

From restaurants to bars, we have different communal seating solutions to address your unique needs. The Clearance Bar Table made of Polytec Tasmanian Oak can go well with your both classic and contemporary-themed restaurants. Our communal tables provide an easy and cost-effective way to grow your revenues while delivering on your guests’ appetite for different seating choices. Let your guests find commercial dining destinations that can accommodate their need to socialise and linger. Our vast selection of tables allows you to meet all of your guests’ unique dining needs.