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Calacutta Marble Compact Laminate Table Top Shark Nose Edge


Copperfield Compact Laminate Table Top


Black Compact Laminate Table Top


Carrara Marble Compact Laminate Table Top


Dark Seagrass Compact Laminate Table Top


Distressed Compact Laminate Table Top


Indian Shesman Compact Laminate Table Top


Light Seagrass Compact Laminate Table Top


Old Oak Compact Laminate Table Top


Stratos Compact Laminate Table Top


Urban Punk Compact Laminate Table Top


Wenge Compact Laminate Table Top


White Compact Laminate Table Top



Compact laminate table tops

Compact Laminate Table Tops

Compact laminate table tops are known for their strength, self-supporting properties, resistance to water, and durability. Compact laminate is a cost-effective and low maintenance material option for your commercial tables. At Have a Seat, we offer compact laminate table tops in different designs and colours for your restaurant, café, bar, pub, hotel or any other commercial dining establishment.

Sturdy & Long-Lasting Table Tops

Our compact laminate table tops sydney are durable and sturdy and are designed to last long. If you are looking for a table top material that offers high resistance to wear and tear, which is typical to a commercial dining environment, our compact laminate options make a cost-effective choice. Moisture is a big concern in restaurants. These table tops are impervious to water and provide a low-maintenance surface for your commercial dining space.

Endless Designs & Colours

Available in almost endless designs and colours, our compact laminate table tops offer flexibility in terms of style. Choose from wooden, natural stone, and contemporary designs and hues to blend into your restaurant’s décor.

When it comes to wooden designs, consider our Distressed Wood, Dark Seagrass, Shesman, Old Oak, and wenge among other patterns. If you are looking for stone patterns, our Carrara Marble, Copperfield, and Stratos compact laminate table tops allow you to have table tops that are difficult to tell from original stone. There are also contemporary designs in solid colours or combination of designs. These patterns and shades can be used for indoor or outdoor dining spaces. They come with attached substrate that can be easily attached to any table base.

Easy to Maintain Table Tops

Commercial dining space requires hard-wearing surfaces that can withstand regular use and can be cleaned easily and quickly. Even our White compact laminate table tops sydney can be used in high-traffic restaurants and readily wiped clean with a damp cloth. The finish prevents any staining or the sturdy construction protects against any scratches.

We offer compact laminate table tops in many more colours and patterns to match your décor. Even custom designs are available to address your restaurant or café’s unique requirements.