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Beech Laminate Melamine Table Top


Walnut Laminate Melamine Table Top


Black Laminate Melamine Table Top


Living Oak Laminate Melamine Table Top


Wenge Laminate Melamine Table Top


White Laminate Melamine Table Top


Marble Laminate Melamine Table Top



Laminate table tops

Laminate Table Tops

Good laminate table tops are made using the right process, hard-wearing, cost-effective, and elegant. Made of thin layers of wood, laminate table tops provide almost endless design and colour options. At Have a Seat, we offer table tops made of laminate in almost all colour options and designs for your restaurant, café, or any other commercial dining establishment.

Laminate Design Options

Our collection of laminated table tops exists in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles, ensuring that we have something for all your indoor and outdoor commercial seating requirements. Choose shades and hues or even textures can be selected to enhance your dining space.

When it comes to design options, laminate table tops are mostly categorised into wood-edge, self-edge, and T-model. Our offerings include Beech, Black, Living Oak, Wenge, and many other designs featuring moisture-resistant particleboard laminated with hardwearing melamine coated surface. Whether you are looking for something for a more classic or contemporary setting, we have just the right options.

Matching Other Décor Elements

Our collection of laminated table tops can also be matched with other tables. For example, White, Marble, and other designs in stone can provide a visual highlight to your commercial dining space.  You can also match these table tops to different seating styles including chairs and bar stools.

High Durability

Every restaurant, cafeteria, kitchen, and other commercial dining business wish that they will not have to replace their tables and other furniture very often. Your goal is to make your furniture last forever. Table tops made of laminate are quite durable. They feature highly resilient composite construction and surface that ensures ease of cleaning.

Using the latest manufacturing processes, our laminated table tops are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance needs. Regular wiping with soap lather and water is all the care they will need.  At Have a Seat, we also offer laminate tops with a brass edge. The customisation is available for all designs and styles and is recommended for indoor use. Our design options also include solid or light colours to match your café or restaurant's theme.