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Solid timber table tops

Solid Timber Table Tops

Good commercial table tops must be durable and hardwearing. They should also match the restaurant or café’s décor theme. Ease of cleaning is also an important factor. At Have a Seat, we offer quality solid timber table tops in different patterns and designs for your commercial dining space.

American Oak Timber Table Tops

American oak is perhaps the most popular wooden material for solid timber table tops. Elegant and durable, there are different patterns for you to choose from. With a multitude of options available, we make your search even easier. American Oak is a highly sought after hard wood species in commercial establishments. The wood has a light brown texture fine grain, and quite durable build. Besides meeting your indoor furniture requirements, it can also be used outdoors, especially in covered areas.

At Have a Seat, we offer many American Oak solid timber table tops sydney to choose from. This includes the WhiteWash, Aged American Oak, Natural American Oak, Walnut American Oak, and many more patterns. Choose from different sizes, in square shapes, to adapt to different areas in your restaurant, café, or bar.

European Beech Table Tops

European beech has a special place amongst commercial wooden table tops. It brings the appeal of wood to your restaurant with a touch of grand and authentic feel. Creating a natural and organic style, the surface also ages gracefully. This makes this table top timber better suited for classic-themed restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars.

Beech is a hard-wearing wood. From chipping to scratches to gouging, our Indusri Table Top made of 38mm thick solid European Beech can withstand everything well over time. The stained finish in Antique Walnut can blend into most traditional-looking commercial dining environments. Excellent shock absorbent properties make it an even better option for settings with everyday use.

Recycled Timber Table Tops

High quality solid timber table tops shouldn't be expensive. Our range of Australian Recycled Timber Table Tops make it possible for you to choose from a wide range of sizes and stains while adding a more antique look and feel to your restaurant, pub, or café. Create unique and elegant commercial furniture using high-grade repurposed timber.

The right craftsmanship can turn recycled Australian timber into a thing of exceptional beauty. You simply can’t go wrong by investing in recycled timber table tops, as long as they are made by professionals.