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Rimless Stainless Steel Tops



Stainless Steel Tops

Stainless Steel Table Tops

Great stainless steel table tops have a contemporary appeal to them, they are sterile and clean, and perfect for restaurants and commercial dining environments. At Have a Seat, we offer a collection of SS table tops with benefits like stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and durability. These table tops can last forever with minimal maintenance.

Low-Maintenance Commercial Table Tops

Ease of maintenance is one of the most important reasons for choosing stainless steel table tops. The nonporous surface offers excellent stain resistance and has antibacterial properties. Besides making it easier to maintain cleanliness, SS steel is known for excellent resistance to rust.

At Have a Seat, our range of stainless steel table tops restaurant options include the Rimless Stainless Steel tops in different shapes and sizes. Choose between round and square shaped table tops in sizes 60cm to 80cm. Install them on almost any base.

Hardwearing & Long-Lasting Surface

Our stainless steel table tops can withstand everyday wear and tear that are common in restaurants. From scratches to hot surfaces, such a table top can take almost anything without losing its beauty.

The versatile aesthetic appeal makes these table tops suitable for most restaurant themes – from contemporary to industrial to rustic, depending on the finish. You can also have them finished to your specifications to match other furniture and elements. Stainless steel finish stands for much more than just solidness. It also has a touch of originality to it.

Versatile Aesthetics

Installing raw stainless steel table tops restaurant with wooden frames or base can create interesting visual effects. This unique combination can be created to set perfectly in both traditional and modern commercial environments. Wood can work perfectly with stainless steel. From wooden base with a natural finish to dark solid wood espresso finish, you can create different styles based on your preferences.

The straight and neat lines on stainless steel table tops define both functionality and beauty. We also offer table tops in custom designs and finishes. Create tables that blend perfectly into your existing commercial interior décor theme, creating a cool and relaxing space for your guests.