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Arch Twin Base Black


Arch Twin Base Silver


Genoa Table Base


Genoa Bar Table Base


Chicago Folding Base


Chicago Twin Folding Base


Milano Table Base


Milano Twin Table Base


Milano Bar Table Base


Milano Black Table Base


Milano Twin Black Table Base


Milano Black Bar Table Base


Soho Table Base


Soho Twin


Soho Bar Table Base


Capri Table Base


Capri Twin Table Base


Capri Bar Base


Paris Baby Table Base


Paris Base


Paris HD Bar Table Base


Bold Base


Liberty Base


Roma Table Base


Corsa Extra Large Table Base


Roma Large Bar Table Base


Pisa Table Base


XL Pisa Table Base


Pisa Bar Table Base


Pisa Base White


Pisa Bar Table Base White


Pisa Base Brass


Pisa Bar Base Brass


Pisa Base Copper


Pisa Bar Base Copper


Pisa Square Base


Pisa Square Bar Base


Tivoli Table Base


Inox table base


Inox bar table base


Flat Technology Equalizers


Flat Technology Kirribilli Table Base (KX22)


Flat Technology Large Kirribilli base (KX30)


Flat Technology Twin Kirribilli base (KT22)


Flat Technology Coogee Table Base (CX26)


York Folding Table Base


York Folding Bar Table Base


Sicily Table Base


Sicily Coffee Table Base


Perugia Table Base


Perugia Twin Table Base


Perugia Twin Bar


Stirling Table Base


Stirling Twin Table Base


Torino Bolt Down Table Base


Torino Bolt Down Bar Table Base


Dry Barbase 1.2


Dry Bar Base 1.8


Flat Technology Bondi Base(BX26)


Flat Technology Paris base (PX23)



Table bases

Table Bases

A good table base complements the table top and the interior décor of your commercial establishment. It is sturdy and hard-wearing and can withstand everyday use in your restaurant, bar, pub, or hotel. At Have a Seat, we offer different types of table bases including bolt down, round, and cross table bases.

Types of Table Bases

Different types of table bases are suited for different interior décor themes. Round table bases will almost always be used to match round table tops. Choose from a range of styles including our cast-iron Liberty Base, the Victoria Base, or the Corsa Extra Large table base with extra-long top plate and heavy cast iron construction.

Our collection of square Pedestal Table Bases also provides excellent stability and is available in a multitude of styles. The Industri Bar Table Base, made of European Beech in Antique Walnut finish is a combination of wooden and metal construction. The Pisa Wood Twin offers even greater stability, with its 2-in-1 base design. These bases can be more suited for tables where higher seating is required.

Cross Table Bases

Cross table bases are mostly used in restaurants or bars with rectangular or square table tops. Some designs may offer greater flexibility as they can be used with round table tops. Choose from our Milano Table Base with 4-star polished aluminium base and contemporary vibes or the Paris base in cast iron that can be an excellent addition to your classic-themed commercial space. We also offer cross table bases with fewer legs in classic or modern designs.

Our collection of commercial restaurant table bases also includes bolt-down and T-shaped bases. Our cast-iron Capri Twin Table Base offers greater flexibility, allowing you to work with tables of different lengths.

You can choose from different specifications for the spider, column, and base plate based on the practical and aesthetic requirements of your commercial setting. Typical coffee table pedestal bases are available with 3” column. We also offer thicker columns for matching with larger and heavier table tops. Most of our table bases are available in different height options. Tables and seating of different heights can provide optimal satisfaction and enjoyment to your guests.