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Marble Table Tops in the Restaurant Industry: Here’s What You Need to Know

Elegant. Classy. Timeless. No, we’re not talking about Nicole Kidman (though the adjectives certainly apply). We’re talking about the appeal of marble tabletops within the restaurant industry. Marble has been having a moment of late. You’ll see it used for flooring, on walls, and as luxurious tabletops. But purchasing marble table tops is a costly […]

4 Ways to Create a Modern Mood in Your Restaurant

If you’re in the hospitality business, you know that most restaurants must undergo regular “facelifts” to keep up with the times. On average, the interior of your establishment should get a refresh every 5 – 10 years, and one of the hottest hospitality styles these days is the modern aesthetic. So, what does it mean […]

Our Top 6 Industrial Bar Stool Picks for Your Pub or Restaurant

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your pub or restaurant, you won’t find an easier option than the addition of industrial-style barstools. But don’t just take our word for it. Today’s blog discusses the viral appeal of the industrial furnishings and lists our top barstool picks that give off that endlessly appealing […]

Wooden Tabletops for Your Hospitality Space: Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s something wonderfully appealing about pulling your chair up to a beautifully finished wood tabletop. Wood brings organic warmth to any space and can easily be dressed up or down to blend in with the aesthetic of your space. Whether your business is rustic, modern, industrial, or formal, wooden tabletops just might be the perfect […]

3 Benefits of Fixed Seating for Your Hospitality Needs

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, pub, café, or hotel, you likely grapple with a question that plagues many within the hospitality industry—which type of seating will best fill the needs of my business? It’s a common question and an important one to ask because the seating you choose not only affects the ambiance […]

The Communal Restaurant Table: A White-Hot Trend That is Dividing Diners Everywhere

Around the world, a new trend has been growing in popularity over recent years—that of the communal dining experience. Imagine walking into a local farm-to-table restaurant after having made a reservation, and being led to a sprawling, oversized wooden picnic table whose majority is already claimed by dozens of laughing and good-natured strangers. The host […]

6 Common Questions About Pedestal Table Bases You Need Answered Today

When deciding on design aesthetics for your restaurant or bar, choosing the right table base may not be the first thing that comes to mind, yet it’s incredibly important. Table bases are the root of your aesthetic, and they should complement your style in both form and function. To help you choose the right base […]

Choosing the Best Café Tables for Your Restaurant Space: 5 Questions to Ask to Get it Right

As is the case with any restaurant, choosing the right tables is an important part of building the ambiance of your business. But because cafés are often smaller than traditional restaurants, choosing the right tables means taking those differences into consideration. What’s the difference? In general, café customers tend to sit at a table for […]

3 Spectacular Tabletop Options for Your Sydney Restaurant

Anyone who has gone through the process can tell you—opening a restaurant is no small task. There is so much to get right, including creating an inviting space with a cohesive design, and one of the critical foundational elements of any restaurant are the tables at which guests will dine. The tabletops in a restaurant […]

Tips to Choosing the Right Type of Industrial Style for your Restaurant

Many restaurateurs consider industrial style when looking to give their old business a bit of refresh or when opening the doors of the new establishment for the first time…and it’s easy to understand why. With its effortless blending of metals and warm woods, the industrial style works wonderfully with a variety of restaurants and looks […]

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