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Parisian Chair Original


Parisian Armchair Original


Parisian Chair Rich Chocolate


Parisian Armchair Rich Chocolate


Parisian Chair Black


Parisian Chair Black & White


Parisian Diamond Chair (Exclusive New Design)


Parisian Chair Blue & White


Parisian Armchair Blue & White


Toulon Armchair



Parisian chairs

Parisian Chairs

A great Parisian chair is a timeless classic that offers the epitome of beauty and comfort. Modern parisian style chairs have a special place in bistros, brasserie, restaurants with classic themes, and high-end cafes. Acting as a modern update to the classic Paris bistro chair, they bring an aura and charm to the space that is hard to imitate. At Have a Seat, we offer chairs for your commercial applications including Parisian café chairs, Parisian bistro chairs, and Parisian restaurant chairs.

Parisian Bistro Chairs

Our collection of parisian bistro chairs have all the right curves, sturdy build, darker colour themes, and premium build quality that speaks volumes about your bistro. A Parisian bistro is almost impossible to picture without a collection of the classic French bistro chair. Our designs take inspiration from the ubiquitous chairs on the sidewalks of Paris from the 19th century cafes.

Choose from models like the Parisian Mesh Chair which is French designed and features welded anodised aluminium frame that makes it an excellent indoor or outdoor chair for your bistro or café or the Bordeaux Armchair that provides more support while emanating a feel of bentwood from its intricately designed metal framework.

Parisian Restaurant Chairs

We also offer sturdy and stylish parisian cafe chairs for restaurants that need to add the perfect elements of French flair, both indoors and outdoors. Parisian restaurants and cafes often have intricate wall designs and mouldings. This is where the need for minimal furniture arose to prevent creating busier looking space.

Our classic parisian cafe chairs are made of all-weather materials and yet look like classic bent wood and rattan. Lightweight and durable, just like the original French bistro chairs, we also offer models like the Amalfi Parisian Chair with comfortable Chevron woven seat and back pattern and UV stabilised synthetic wicker aluminium tube. The common dark finish in most of our collection is an attempt at highlighting the iconic silhouette. It also allows these chairs to work with almost any table.

Our parisian chairs are designed to set the right balance between the bold contemporary design elements and the more refined, classic style. All of these themed commercial chairs come with an effortless French nonchalance.