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Tub chairs

Tub Chairs    

Tub chairs come in different shapes and forms, but they are must-have cafe chairs. Adding more style to your dining business interiors and providing greater comfort, they are free from any sharp features thus making your place a safer place for your guests. Supportive, comfortable, sturdy, and hard-wearing, these chairs are ideally suited for cafes, restaurants, and even as side chairs in bars or pubs. At Have a Seat, we provide a vast selection of commercial tub chairs for your dining establishment.

Comfortable Commercial Seating

Comfort is often a greater factor for guests than the quality of food and coffee. Tub chairs achieve exactly that and something more. Guests will love to sink into our premium quality and luxuriant tub chairs that will apparently hold them in their place to stay longer and order more. Consider our Albury Armchair, as it offers great comfort, a variety of frame options, and lots of stability. The high-density foam and the commercial grade fabric and vinyl have a relaxing and soothing effect. Our Coogee Armchair is another option with all the physical properties and elegant stich line pattern that give them a more classic appeal.

Space Efficient Seating   

Our tub chairs sydney are suited to be placed in both large and small dining areas. They allow maximising the available space. There are many options without the typical arms that could otherwise take up a lot more room. The Smiley Chair, make excellent cafe tub chairs for both indoors and outdoors. Moulded from polypropylene and glass fibre, they are the perfect space-savers. The Scoop Armchair, even with its armchair design provides comforting support on all ends. The Natural rattan seat has its unique physical properties and beauty.

All our café and restaurant tub chairs have an overdose of simple style, robustness, and strength. Most of the designs are basic shells balanced on four legs. But our Baxter Tub Chair takes comfort, cushioning, and classic appeal to the next level. Commercial grade foam on solid timber legs and frame, make it the perfect addition to your pub, café, or any restaurant space.

At Have a Seat, we offer a wider range of commercial tub chairs with styles and materials that can fit perfectly into different themes and types of commercial settings.