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No 18 Bentwood Chair Natural Beech


No 18 Bentwood Chair Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Chair Wenge


No 18 Bentwood Chair White


No 18 Bentwood Chair Black


No 18 Bentwood Chair Beech Socks


No 18 Bentwood Chair Distressed


No 18 Bentwood Chair Padded


No 18 Bentwood Chair Stackable


B9 Bentwood Armchair


Spoke Bentwood Chair


Fan Bentwood Chair


Fan Bentwood Armchair


Ivy Bentwood Chair

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Mocha Bentwood Chair



Bentwood chairs

Bentwood Chairs   

A good Bentwood Chair is a piece of art. Known for their unique style, finish, and colours, Bentwood Chairs are considered perfect for hospitality environments, including restaurants, bars, and hotels. Whatever establishment you may have, Have a Seat has a range of chairs that will finish it off elegantly. We offer these chairs in a wide range of finishes including natural, walnut, wenge, distressed, and in various designs including armchair Bentwood Chairs.

Perfect Chairs for Restaurants & Bars 

Bentwood Chairs Australia add comfort, cosiness, elegance, and style to a restaurant, bar, the waiting area in a hotel, or a bistro. An integral part of a traditional hospitality environment, their curved shape add to and enhance the classic appeal of such a commercial setting. Traditionally, features like hat stands would play a genuinely complementing role in such an environment.

Vast Selection of Bentwood Chair Designs 

Choose from our vast selection of Bentwood finishes and designs to complement your theme. The No.18 Natural Bentwood Cafe Chairs are made of solid beech wood. Outstanding for its durability and beauty, it enhances the classic ambiance of cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Some of the most sought after finishes include walnut, wenge, black, and distressed.

For more comfort, it is recommended to select the padded Bentwood Chairs for Sale. Guests can spend hours on these chairs with adequate padding and back support while cherishing the hospitality of your establishment, without complaining about any inconvenience.

These Bentwood Chairs have been conceptualised and designed keeping in mind the unique interior design, ambiance, aura, and theme of hotels, pubs, cafes, and restaurants with their more classic leaning. Finish off the look for your traditional and rustic-styled commercial establishment with these artistic pieces of furniture from Have a Seat. Even if the theme deviates into a brighter setting, we have red and white coloured Bentwood Chairs for Sale to bring the environment to life.

Whether thinking of adding to the rustic appeal of your establishment or revamping the place, Bentwood Cafe Chairs can add a wide range of aesthetic elements and meaning to your space.