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Maya Chair


Spectro Chair


Viento Chair


Bora Chair


Bora Armchair


Cremorne Chair


Cremorne Chair Laminated


Cremorne Chair Padded


Deta Chair


Deta Chair Cut Out


Randwick Chair


Randwick Chair Laminated


Rozelle Chair


Aria Chair


Smith Chair


Smith Padded


Banquet Chair


Nelson Stackable Chair


Parisian Chair Original


Parisian Armchair Original


Parisian Chair Rich Chocolate


Parisian Armchair Rich Chocolate


Parisian Chair Black


Parisian Chair Black & White


Santorini Chair


Santorini Armchair


No 18 Bentwood Chair Stackable


Toulon Armchair


Monaco Chair

$95.00 $55.00

Monaco Armchair

$105.00 $65.00

Eva Chair


Princess Chair


Boss Chair


Tolix Chair


Tolix Chair Copper


Tolix Chair With Timber Seat


Newcastle Armchair


Gosford Armchair


Lisboa Chair


Lisboa Armchair


Wind Chair (Original by Siesta)


Wind Chair (Replica)


Wind Armchair (Original by Siesta)


Wind Armchair (Replica)


Grid Chair – Red

$149.00 $95.00

Grid Chair


Net Armchair


Alhambra Chair


Neutra Chair

$125.00 $85.00

Neutra Chair – Sand

$125.00 $55.00

Peach Armchair

$149.00 $99.00

Louise Chair

$79.00 $49.00

Cello Chair


Felix Armchair – Orange

$185.00 $99.00

Felix Armchair


Smiley Armchair


Chair Trolley



Stacking chairs

Stacking Chairs

Good stacking chairs can offer much more than their space-saving benefits. They are especially aesthetically appealing and sturdy. We at Have a Seat provide stackable chairs in endless designs to blend into your commercial dining environment. The ability to stack chairs has both economical and efficiency benefits.

Space Saving Chairs

Our stackable dining chairs can be vertically stacked to maximize the available space. Expand on your current seating with these efficiency-focused solutions. It is common for restaurant, cafes, and bars to make seating changes on the whim, as foot traffic can unexpectedly increase. Stacking chairs are a smart way to accommodate such situations.

Choose from various models to meet your specific requirements. Our Cremorne Chair, made of plywood shell and metal frame, is sturdy, durable, and available in Beech, White, Walnut, and Black colors for match any theme. You can further up the ante with our Randwick Laminated Chair featuring natural oak and Zebrano finishes.

Portable & Elegant Seating Solutions

Designed with portability in mind, our stackable dining chairs don’t lag in elegance in any way. They are portable and lightweight and can be moved around to accommodate changes in seating requirements. Besides, each chair is beautifully designed to complement any space. Our stackable commercial chairs are available in different materials including plywood shell, polypropylene, and resin and in various colors to match your themes. Match the dining table, the type of event, or the overall décor.

Some of our plastic stackable chairs wholesale are also designed to be hanged on specially made racks. Easy storage is just one of the advantages, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Comfort Meet Beauty

The use of high-quality materials and ergonomic design create comfort factors that make our stacking chairs a must-have for almost any commercial dining environment. Providing optimal support at the right points, our seating solutions ensure relaxing posture for your guests.

When choosing stackable chairs for your restaurant, café or bistro, you should take more than space-saving benefits and cost into factor. Have a Seat has stackable seating solutions to address all the key factors to help you create the perfect dining experience for your guests.