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Commercial Lounge Chairs

They are classy and comfortable, and invite guests to sit back and relax. The best commercial lounge chairs are most often occupy space in warm and cosy cafes and quiet corners in bars. They are becoming increasingly popular with most types of restaurants too. We at Have a Seat provide different styles and designs of restaurant, bar, and cafe lounge chairs to meet your requirements.

Timber Frame & Leg Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs can be paired with low tables to create more intimate settings for appetisers, drinks, and conversations. Choose our Hudson Tub Chair that is perfect for a pub, café, or an indoor restaurant space. The solid timber frame and legs are elegantly covered in premium-grade foam. Our Club 1 Seater is also a beautiful timber frame commercial lounge seating with high-density foam seat and spring coils for unmatched comfort.

Relaxing Dining Experience

Our collection of cafe lounge chairs around a small pedestal table can make the perfect case for a relaxing dining experience. Our Albury XL with its high-density foam and vinyl/fabric construction make for great combination with small tables. These plush armchairs also go well with your banquette tables.

Balanced Restaurant Seating

Our restaurant lounge chairs have well-proportioned designs. The cushioning provides adequate head and backrest. Besides their balanced supportive design, these chairs also bring proportion to the overall looks. This balanced look and design makes this seating solution perfect for most commercial dining spaces.

A great advantage of commercial lounges is the comfort factor. Besides, they provide adequate support to body movement. Thus, your guests will feel less tired, even if they spend more time at your business place.

Have a Seat also offers commercial lounge chairs for multiple seating requirements. Our Club 2 Seater is an excellent example. Available in a variety of colours and designs, we have many lounge chair options for you to mix and match into your interior décor. In addition to their elegance and the volume of comfort that they bring, our lounges are also sturdy and the fabric is designed to withstand regular use at your restaurant, bar, or café.