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Maya Chair


Spectro Chair


Viento Chair


Bora Chair


Bora Armchair


Rozelle Chair


Aria Chair


Woody chair


Monaco Chair

$95.00 $55.00

Monaco Armchair

$105.00 $65.00

Lisboa Chair


Lisboa Armchair


Wind Chair


Wind Chair


Wind Armchair


Wind Armchair


Net Armchair


Alhambra Chair


Neutra Chair

$125.00 $85.00

Neutra Chair – Sand

$125.00 $55.00

Peach Armchair

$149.00 $99.00

Louise Chair

$79.00 $49.00

Cello Chair


Felix Armchair – Orange

$185.00 $99.00

Felix Armchair


Smiley Armchair



Plastic chairs

Plastic Chairs

A good plastic chair is durable, inexpensive, and beautiful, making it perfect seating solution for outdoor commercial needs. Robustness and versatility of plastic chairs further add to the list of reasons for choosing them for your restaurant or café. We at Have a Seat provide many models of plastic, resin, and complex-material chairs for your commercial space.

Plastic Resin Chairs

Our plastic outdoor chairs made of a plastic-resin amalgamation provide a durable and stylish addition to any restaurant patio. Polymer resin can be moulded into different shapes, allowing the creation of beautiful chairs. Our Bora Chair is a versatile option featuring a sleek, modern design, and plastic-resin frame and body. Available in different colour options, its UV-resistant properties make it perfect for outdoor and indoor applications. The resin-embedded colour means that you will never have to worry about any scratches. We also offer your Bora Chair in the armchair design.

Modern Plastic Chairs

Their UV and weather-resistant properties make plastic dining chairs so versatile in terms of their applications. At Have a Seat, we go beyond the normal. Our collection of modern plastic chairs australia include selections made of innovative materials.

For example, our Harper Chair, available in various colours, is a stylish seating solution for outdoor applications. These chairs are made of a unique blend of polypropylene and timber – something unique that often seems out of place without feeling odd. Our Spectro Chair is made of virgin materials. The use of polypropylene-infused glass fibre in the back and seat and gas injection moulding provide it exceptional strength.

Strong & Versatile Chairs

Strength and durability are equally addressed in our collection of plastic chairs. These versatile designs can blend into a wide range of restaurant and café environments. Besides being treated to be UV and weather resident, our plastic outdoor chairs are also meant to be easy to clean and maintain.

Lightweight, stylish, and comfortable, these are stackable designs meant for easier storage. Also available with metal frames and in armchair designs, these chairs are hard-wearing and can withstand the heavy-duty treatment that comes with commercial applications. All our chairs are designed to provide optimal support at different bodily points.