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Genoa Chair – Timber


Genoa Chair – Vinyl


Cremorne Chair


Cremorne Chair Laminated


Deta Chair Cut Out


Randwick Chair


Randwick Chair Laminated


Doll Chair Upholstered


Smith Chair


French Chair


French White


French Woody


Boston Chair


Susa Chair


Rod Chair


Rod Chair with Padded Seat


W Chair


Finland Chair


Finland Chair With Padded Seat


Valencia Chair


Wishbone Chair – Black Vinyl Seat


Wishbone Chair – Wicker Seat


Baby Chair


Caberita Chair


Elbow Chair


No 18 Bentwood Chair Natural Beech


No 18 Bentwood Chair Walnut


No 18 Bentwood Chair Wenge


No 18 Bentwood Chair White


No 18 Bentwood Chair Black


No 18 Bentwood Chair Beech Socks


No 18 Bentwood Chair Padded


No 18 Bentwood Chair Stackable


B9 Bentwood Armchair


Spoke Bentwood Chair


Fan Bentwood Chair


Fan Bentwood Armchair


Ivy Bentwood Chair

$135.00 $99.00

Mocha Bentwood Chair


Crossback Chair


Crossback Chair With Metal Strap


Osaka Chair


Cancun chair

$155 $75

Spindle chair

$395 $195


Timber chairs

Timber Chairs

A good timber chair offers equal parts classic appeal, modern flair, and natural looks. It is also durable and hard-wearing and is capable of withstanding the everyday treatment meted out in a commercial dining environment. At Have a Seat, we offer different types of timber chairs for your restaurant, café, pub, or bistro.

Modern Rustic Seating Style

Our timber dining chairs bring a touch of modern rustic style to the dining experience in your commercial establishment. Plywood shell, in various finishes and colours, combine with metal or wooden frames to offer timeless beauty and strength.

Choose our Natural Oak/Zebrano-finish Cremorne Laminated Chair made of a single plywood shell piece and a metal frame. The laminated finish provides it all the protection it needs to keep looking like new for years. If solid wood and greater comfort are your priorities, our Doll Chair can be the perfect addition to your establishment. European Beech Wood frame and timber seat and back with vinyl/fabric upholstery provide optimal comfort to your guests.

Solid Wood Construction

We also offer indoor an outdoor timber chairs free from fillers and shells. Consider our Madeline Chair made of solid timber hardwood that is reinforced with steel brackets. Padded options are also available for additional comfort. The Caberita Chair is hand crafted out of solid timber. The Chocolate PU leather seat and back provide hours of comfort to your guests. The classic, rustic appeal here is unmistakable.

Not all timber chairs are designed with a traditional approach. Our Osaka Chair, available in many shades and finishes, has a modern look to it. The solid timber and striking features make it a unique addition to our indoor or outdoor dining space.

From Elbow Chairs in Beech Wood to Dixie Chairs in American Oak frame, there are almost endless timber chairs to choose from. Our outdoor timber chairs are specifically designed to withstand the weather and the wear and tear of regular use. All our chairs are treated for effective protection against the elements. Many of our models also make excellent side chairs for your restaurant, bar, or café.