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Anyone who has gone through the process can tell you—opening a restaurant is no small task. There is so much to get right, including creating an inviting space with a cohesive design, and one of the critical foundational elements of any restaurant are the tables at which guests will dine.

The tabletops in a restaurant play an important role in the overall design aesthetic of the establishment. They provide the backdrop against which all your dishes will be displayed, and they are a repeated element within the restaurant, so it is important that they are as visually interesting as they are functional.

To help you sort out the right table for your space, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most popular tabletop options in Sydney.


Before you turn your nose up at this economical option, hear us out—laminate has come a long way from the plastic-looking table your grandmother had in her kitchen. Technological advances within the industry allow designers to create a wide variety of colors and styles that mimic natural elements.

Need a tabletop in a specific aubergine tone? Laminate manufacturers can make it happen. Interested in having an abstract pattern as your table topper? With laminate, this is easy to achieve. Looking to save a little money and use laminate tables that look as if they’ve been crafted from high-end materials like wood or stone? That won’t be a problem. Laminate allows you to enjoy a luxury look without the high-end price tag.

Laminate tabletops are exceptionally durable, which means you won’t have to worry about frequent replacement costs no matter how much use or abuse they endure. And they’re a snap to clean compared to other materials like marble or wood, which may require specialised care.

Butcher Block

What is it about sitting down at a wood table that just feels warm and inviting? Perhaps it is the appeal of running your hands along the natural grain, or the fact that it hearkens back to a time when large families routinely gathered around a big table to break bread together. Whatever the reason, there’s no question that butcher block is an inviting, timeless option for restauranteurs with a bit more room in their budget.

While butcher block is more expensive than laminate, it is more economical than granite or marble and is available in a wide range of price points. And, because they are made from natural materials, butcher block tabletops are considered sustainable and eco-friendly.

Routine cleanup won’t be a problem with butcher blocks—they can be quickly wiped down with a mild cleaning solution, and the natural antibacterial properties of the material make it easy to maintain.

Another benefit of butcherblock is the fact that it can transition from the dining area into the kitchen—particularly if you have a kitchen that is visible to diners. Butcher Block is perfect for chopping and prepping, and the uniformity of materials from dining room to kitchen creates a cohesive look for your establishment.


If you’re looking for tabletops that are durable and give off a feeling of luxury, look no further than granite.

Granite creates a sense of timelessness within a restaurant and is available in a wide variety of shade and patterns, allowing owners to ensure their tables compliment the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. Granite looks natural in both casual and fine-dining establishments and because it is highly reflective, it bounces light around the space, making your restaurant appear brighter and more inviting.

Granite is relatively easy to care for when compared to other materials like marble. And, unlike marble and wood options, granite is resistant to staining—a quality that is highly valuable within the restaurant industry.

Another perk—granite is incredibly durable. While marble and wood tabletops are prone to scratching, granite holds up like a champ.

If there is a drawback to granite, it could be the price tag—anyone who claims they can sell you cheap granite is likely pulling one over on you. But there’s a reason people say, “you get what you pay for”, and this certainly applies to granite. While you may have to spend more on your initial investment, you’ll spend less in the long run as you will enjoy lower and less frequent replacement costs compared to a restaurateur who chooses a more economical option.

Choosing the right material for your tabletops can be a key factor in the success of your business, so it is important to get it right. Understanding your budget and the type of clientele you want to attract are an important part of knowing which tabletop is right for you.

If you find you’d like a little guidance from professionals, stop by the Have A Seat showroom or contact us via email. Our team of experts are waiting to help you find the perfect tabletops for your space.

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