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With the number of customers that visit a restaurant or hotel or any other hospitality setting, these spaces tend to see a great deal of wear & tear and the furniture bears the brunt of all this overuse. This is why it becomes important to have a maintenance schedule in place- it will help keep the furniture in excellent shape, reduce overall repair and operational costs and add to the longevity of the furniture too.


Tips to follow


Here are a few tips that will help keep your restaurant furniture in great shape for a number of years


Have a written maintenance policy


It’s crucial that your staff know exactly how your restaurant furniture has to be maintained. Having a written maintenance policy is the best way to set the right standards. The different things to include are:


  • Have a detailed written manual that mentions how common issues can be quickly fixed
  • How furniture should be properly stored and set-up
  • How to protect hospitality furniture from accidents and the elements
  • How the furniture should be cleaned in case there is a spill
  • The correct chemicals & cleaning methods that have to be used to ensure the furniture doesn’t get damaged
  • The occasional specialised treatments that would be required to keep the furniture in a good condition- this includes applications such as polish and sealants


It’s also important to keep in view the fact that every type of hospitality furniture is different (based on the materials used). This means wood may crack or peel when it’s exposed to excessively high heat or marble tabletops may get stained with wine spills etc. These problems may need special attention and treatment.


Apart from having a written policy, you should also ensure your staff has the right training on exactly how furniture has to be handled. In the long-term, these measures will help you save a significant amount of money and will add to your profitability.


Keep note of all the parts


Regardless of how strong and durable your furniture is, there are times when it would have to be repaired. The different things you would have to deal with are broken parts, missing screws and lost glides etc. This makes it important to make note of all the frequently replaced parts.


For instance, protectors for chair leg cap, certain screw designs, table drawer knobs, and table tops may all need to be replaced at one time or the other. Keep some backup parts ready at all times and ensure your staff has easy access to them in case your furniture has to be repaired.


You or the supervisor might not always be present at the restaurant and a couple of the staff members should always be trained to handle these types of small repairs on their own. The objective of all this is that your restaurant operations should run seamlessly at all times


Opt for durable furniture


This is one of the most important factors in ensuring your restaurant furniture stays in the best condition. When you buy durable and low-maintenance furniture, it is able to stand up to the rough environment in a much better way. It’s also why you should carefully choose furniture that is resistant to breakage and wear.


Follow these tips and you will see that your furniture lasts for a number of years without any trouble. For high quality resin, wood and marble table topped restaurant furniture and an array of restaurant seating options, call Have A Seat at 1300 852 793. You can also contact us using this online form.


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