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select the right bar stool height

Finding the right height for your bar stools will allow your diners to relax and enjoy eating at your restaurant or cafe. So, when you start looking for bar stools, make sure you focus on the following points before you buy them.

How to Measure Your Counter Or Bar

Measure from the floor level to the upper edge of the counter with a tape measure. Write it down. Take that number and then subtract roughly 10-13 inches, based on the legroom you need to keep. The final number would be the approximate height of your bar stools and will ensure that there is sufficient space to sit comfortably.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are several exceptions to the rule because bar stools come in different heights and are used for different reasons. Even within the same height range options, you will find several variances. All stools are different and these variances account for spatial requirements.

Beyond bar height stools and counter height, you will also find bar stools that work for tables; some extra tall designs would be needed for unique settings.

Get the Measurements Right

A crucial distinction to make when selecting bar stools of the correct height is to distinguish between back height and seat height. A seat height of approximately 31” would fit perfectly beneath counters of 41-45” in height. Seat depth is another aspect you might want to keep in view as taller people would need more seat depth as narrow bar stools can be uncomfortable and cause muscle strain. Some other things to focus on:

  • The distance from the footrest to the seat compared to the relative heights of the individuals that would use the stools most. It isn’t easy to judge this in a commercial setting because you can have guests of different heights in your restaurant or bar. This is why some restaurant and bar owners prefer investing in adjustable-height bar stools as users can adjust it to their height.
  • In most cases, 30” bar-height bar stools are ideal for counters that measure 40” and up. You can select which materials you prefer for the seats and backs, and ones with padding and leather are comfortable. You can also opt for upholstered bar stools with metal framework and bases.
  • If you have counters measuring 44” and up, opt for 34” bar stools. You can opt for nailhead details, curved backs and elaborate upholstery depending on the ambience and styling of your restaurant. Swivel design bar stools are great for elegant bars and fine dining restaurants with hardwood counters.

Adjustable Stools (backless)

Backless Adjustable Height Stools are an excellent addition to compact spaces and where you want a more relaxed look. They are unobtrusive and sit well in simple-style areas. Choose bar stools with solid wood seats, gunmetal frame, and handy footrests for a more elegant look.

Adjustable Height Bar Stools

Height-adjustable bar stools complement most counters heights, and as mentioned earlier, they are a great solution because after all, they are adjustable. This takes the guesswork out of selecting the right barstools, and a swivel or turn is all it takes to alter the seat height.

High-Quality Bar Stools

Regardless of the types of bar stools you purchase, always invest in good quality products. Whilst it’s a good idea to be aware of the latest restaurant design trends, its best to opt for something that suits your needs.

That way, you would still be able to use the stools if you plan to alter the style of the interior spaces some time down the line. Upholstered stool or ones with padded leather seats can be refurbished if they become worn or start looking old or even if you want a new look in your bar or restaurant.

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