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Shopping centre food courts are constantly buzzing with activity, and with hundreds of people moving through them every day and taking a time out from their shopping to enjoy a bite to eat, the furniture in your food court area gets a real workout. If you think about how many times your chairs will get pulled out and pushed in, sat on, leant on and more, you need to think carefully about the hospitality furniture you choose.

As a food court furniture supplier, we’ve worked with a number of clients helping them not only make the most of their large-scale space, but also get the most out of their furniture choices.

There are a few key things to think about when planning your food court hospitality furniture, or any hospitality furnishings for large scale spaces for that matter:

Choose low-maintenance furniture that’s easy to clean

Smooth and stain-resistant surfaces will ensure your food court furniture stays clean and hygienic as easily as possibly. We also recommend that you create a maintenance plan to help with the cleaning process of your furniture and make sure everyone on your team is aware of storage and set-up processes, which cleaning products can be used on your furniture and the occasional specialised treatments that will improve the longevity of your chosen furniture.

Choose a chair that stacks

When you’re trying to clean such a large space with a high volume of furniture in it, small choices can significantly improve convenience. Being able to stack chairs makes it quick and easy to maintain your food court furniture and space and also allows you to have some spares on site without taking up too much space.

Our range of stackable chairs are some of our most popular combining practicality with comfort and style. We have wooden options such as our popular Bentwood chair, plastic choices like the Spectro chair or industrial style chairs such as the Smith chair.

We have a huge range of stackable chairs that you can view here.

Look for hospitality furniture that’s durable

While style and design are important, you have to think about just how much wear and tear your furniture is going to experience in high-traffic areas such as a food court. Customers won’t like furniture that’s in disrepair and you don’t want to shell out for new pieces of furniture if they are getting damaged frequently.

We take durability seriously and put all of our chairs through a rigorous testing process. Of course, some are more suited to regular use and the constant cleaning required in food courts, so our experts will recommend the most appropriate styles.

Think about where your furniture is coming from

With a Sydney-based warehouse, we’re able to supply our hospitality furniture quickly, often overnight. The super-fast delivery time is invaluable if you need to replace key pieces of furniture in your hospitality space or add in extra seats to cater for a large last-minute booking.

Consider the required safety regulations

Large-scale hospitality spots such as food courts that have a lot of members of the public passing through them daily have strict rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Some of these can impact the choices you make when it comes to the styles, layout and quantity of hospitality furnishings you order.

Our team will be able to help you make the best choice to both fulfill your brief and ensure your space is up to code and your customers are kept safe.

We’re always happy to answer any of your questions about furnishing your food court or large-scale hospitality space so get in touch with one of our expert team members by sending us an email to or calling 1300 715 937.

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