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Genoa Stool – Timber


Genoa Stool – Vinyl


Genoa Barstool – timber


Genoa Barstool – Vinyl


Genoa Barstool with Back – Timber


Genoa Barstool with Back – Vinyl


Zero Stool


Zero Barstool


Zero Outdoor Barstool


Eva Barstool


Rake Barstool


Albury Barchair


French Barstool


French Woody Barstool


Hyland 3-Leg Stool


Tolix Stool


Tolix Barstool


Tolix Barstool – Special Clearance Colours

$79.00 $65.00

Tolix Stool Copper


Tolix Barstool Copper


Tolix Stool With Timber Seat


Tolix Barstool Timber Seat


Smith Barstool


Smith Barstool Padded


Boston Barstool


Boss Barstool


Tokyo Stool


Tokyo Stool Padded


Tokyo Barstool


Tokyo Barstool Padded


Grid Barstool – Red

$169.00 $115.00

Grid Barstool



Industrial stools

Industrial Bar Stools 

Industrial bar stools can range from being more simplistic in design to having sturdier looks. They have a more modern feel. At Have a Seat, we provide industrial stools for all your commercial applications. Choose from a world of options based on style, other furniture, and comfort factors.

Industrial Design Elements 

Our range of industrial stools sydney can fit into almost all forms of commercial dining environments, whether you have a more traditional and rustic theme or your bar, pub, or restaurant has a more contemporary feel. Wood in darker shades, brushed metal, and vinyl are some of the key elements here. Consider our Hyland Barstool made of solid teak timber and welded heavy-duty aluminium frame. It is a great seating solution for your restaurant, club, or pub.

Matching Wooden Tables 

Industrial bar stools with wooden legs and back can gel with almost all dining areas. Our range offers excellent versatility in this form.  Choose from our Industri Barchair model made of European Beech Wood and reinforced with steel frame. The Antique Walnut stained finish makes it a beautiful addition not your cafe or restaurant with an industrial or rustic theme. The model is also available with dark van vinyl seating for greater comfort. The darker industrial metals go well with wooden tables and furniture in a commercial dining environment.

Bar Stools with Back Rest 

We further offer a series of industrial stools with proper back support for your guests. General bar stools may not offer great comfort for longer periods of time. But bar stools with back support are especially suited for guests who would like to enjoy meals or spend more time at a bar area or at a taller table. Choose from our Robot Barstool with black vinyl seat and sturdy galvanised frame or French Woody Barstool with curved-in seat and back with an industrial them.

We have a larger collection of industrial bar stools that include metal-framed designs, cushioned backrest and armchair, slat rake barstools with tubular steel structure, and bent plywood themes. There is a model for almost every commercial dining setting you may have.