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The Hospitality Furniture Trends You’ll Soon See Everywhere

Your hospitality furniture has a major impact on the mood of your space and the experience you offer to guests. It’s your opportunity to attract diners and communicate your venue’s vibe before you’ve even served a single dish. It’s becoming more and more important in our age of visual communication.

Hospitality furniture trends come and go but nailing the right design and incorporating popular restaurant trends can help you win over diners and increase your turnover. If you’re opening a venue, or want to update your current interiors, here’s what’s hot right now.

Parisian Café Dining

You have Instagram to thank for the resurgence of this popular trend. Vacation snaps from the city streets of the French capital have venue owners offering their diners a touch of Europe. Woven cane armchairs in contrasting colours lining the streets, the ever-popular bentwood chair and café tables with ornate Paris bases can be spotted at a huge range of venues from fine dining to casual cafes. The trend is fairly easy to achieve with a mix of these three popular types furniture and a touch of Parisian art on the walls.

Communal Seating

Social Dining started as a simple trend that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Not only is it changing the furniture and layout choices venue owners make, it’s also having an influence on menus. Social or communal seating areas are perfect for high-energy venues where the service is quick and the food is made for sharing. Low stools make great seating options and consider custom tables that are designed to maximise your floor space.

Outdoor Dining

Sure, outdoor seating is nothing new in Australia. Venues have been taking advantage of our Summer sunshine for decades. But thanks to the rise of social media, outdoor spaces are changing from simple beer gardens to upscale and imaginative venues decked out with a range of seating options, plants and decorative features. The key to perfecting your outdoor area is to choose durable furniture that is specifically designed for outdoor use. No guest wants to be sitting on run down, weather-affected furniture.

Bar Seating

Whether it’s to accommodate overflow, create a space for guests to comfortably wait for their table, or attract diners who simply want to enjoy an entrée or canapes along with a few drinks, bar seating is a great choice for any venue. Not only are bar stools a practical addition, it’s a simple way to offer something unique to your guests. And it’s not just for the bar. Bar stools are being used in creative ways that give diners a new perspective on your venue, including lining an oyster bar, windows or the edge of the kitchen where diners get a view of the action.

Lounge Seating

Whether it’s in-built booth style seating, cushioned benches or more traditional lounges surrounding coffee tables, lounge seating has seen a resurgence as of late. The comfortable trend attracts diners looking to settle in and get comfortable in a venue. It’s also great for more casual venues where guests are likely to enjoy a coffee, cake and a long conversation. Lounge seating is also mixed with other styles of chairs with in-built options lining walls or being used to define separate spaces in a venue.

For expert advice on perfecting a hospitality furniture trend in your venue, get in touch with our team of professionals at Have A Seat. With years of experience helping restaurant, café, event space and RSL Club owners design their hospitality furniture layout, we can help you make the most of your space and achieve a look your customers will love.

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