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Tips to Maintain Epoxy Resin Table Tops

Epoxy resin tabletops are becoming the latest trend in restaurant and design. In fact, this material is now widely used in residential indoor and outdoor furniture too. There is no doubt about the fact that there are a number of benefits to using this material for counter and table tops. Its durable, moisture & flame-resistant and is able to handle most types of chemical reactions too.

Maintenance tips

If you own, manage or work at a restaurant where this material is used in table tops, you should know how to maintain it correctly; that is the one way to add to the longevity of the material. Here are a few tips:

  • Buffing instead of scrubbing- This material is quick to harden and creates a very tough table-top material; however extreme heat or excessive friction can cause the material to soften. This is why its important to be careful while cleaning this surface. When you are cleaning any food or drink stains off of this surface, use a soft towel.

The table top should only be buffed with mild speed/force. If there is any food stuck on it or if you notice that the stain is textured, gently scrub the epoxy resin using a soft bristle brush and remove the particle. Then finish by buffing that spot.

  • Using alcohol to clean is a no-no– You may have heard some people say that you should use rubbing alcohol in epoxy resin surface cleaning. The truth is that the method works only in case you want to actually take off any epoxy resin from any surface.

The item has to be submerged in rubbing alcohol for an entire day and this dissolves the resin to a certain extent. Cleaning the material is very different from removing it from any surface. If you want to clean the counter-tops at your restaurant, simple soap and water is more than enough to get the epoxy resin clean.

  • Cleaning discoloured epoxy resin – If you keep this material out in the harsh sunlight for extended periods of time without any shade protection at all, it will only get discoloured and turn into a brownish tan colour; soap and water will not suffice to get it cleaned. If you have white coloured epoxy resin tabletops, you can use laundry bleaching agents to clean it. Using straight bleach will soften the epoxy resin. Its best to use a bit of bleach on a cotton swab (you can also dilute the solution with water if you like) to gently scrub the area. You will see the discoloration lighten. You will have to follow the same process a few times, based on how badly discoloured the surface is.
  • Steam cleaning– Water and heat dont impact epoxy resin and most of the stain will be easily removable when water and heat is applied- they just loosen and you will be able to wipe the surface There are a number of different pieces of steam cleaning equipment you can use to clean epoxy resin surfaces. Depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned, you can use the small ones that are used to remove wrinkles from clothes or even the larger ones that are used to steam clean floors.

Catch the stains before they set in

Regardless of the cleaning method used, the only way to ensure the epoxy resin table tops in your restaurant stay stain free and clean is to clean them regularly. Prevention is always better than cure and its the same in this case too; get your staff to wipe drink spills and food particles off the surface before they set it.

It will add to the longevity of the surface and provide return on your investment. For high quality resin, wood and marble table tops, call Have A Seat at 1300 852 793. You can also contact us using this online form.

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