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If you’re a cafe owner looking to redo your interior design and add a few new bits of furniture to make your cafe or restaurant stand out, you need to really think about what kind of furniture you will need. That’s where I urge you to consider Parisian chairs. If you are going for a classy, sophisticated look for your cafe, Parisian Chairs really make that happen. Many restaurant and café owners like the idea of adding these artistic yet functional and elegant chairs to the space. But are they really the right choice for your café?

Parisian accent chairs have a unique charm and were integral to sidewalk café settings in Paris in the 19th century. Sitting in these bistro chairs conversing with friends and eating and drinking while watching the world go by was something people did on a daily basis. It was the norm for many. Over the centuries these chairs found their way into stylish homes not just in Europe, but all over the world.

Before long, Parisian accent chairs began to make an appearance in cafes and restaurants and even patio bars in Australia. Not only are these chairs chic and sturdy, but when you choose the right materials, they can become the perfect addition to indoor and outdoor café settings. They add a Parisian flair to your establishment.

What Makes Parisian Chairs the Right Choice for your cafe?

The Parisian chairs will give your cafe the feel of a European summer especially because it screams “Classic” french design.

Whilst perfectly suited for both residential and commercial use, these chairs are a charming addition to your cafe setting.

  • Easy to moveParisian accent chairs are a breeze to move because they are very light. If you run a bustling café where you have groups of different sizes coming in, you need furniture that can be moved quickly to join tables to seat more people etc. it’s why these chairs can be a great addition to your café. They lend a designer touch, but have much more than mere cosmetic value. You can also find counter-stool variants if you want to place them against a high bar-type counter in your restaurant or café. Choose something that matches the styling of your Parisian café style chairs.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Spaces – If your restaurant has a patio seating area, you would want the furniture to be weather-resistant. Parisian accent chairs are typically made from woven rattan and similar durable materials, which means they can easily weather the outdoor environment. The right kind of outdoor furniture can endure exposure to the sun and light rain as well. These chairs blend in beautifully into modern clean-lined décor and with more rustic aesthetics.
  • Add Charm to Indoor Areas – These chairs have an outdoor origin, but they look surprisingly good in indoor areas of a restaurant or café as well. They have an elegant look with the woven seats. The curved backs allow guests to sit for more extended periods comfortably, and this can boost business as well.
  • Choose your LookParisian accent chairs have two specific looks- traditional French furniture style aesthetic and the understated minimalistic look. If you have elaborate décor in your café, you can balance that out with simple Parisian accent chairs. It will keep the indoor spaces from looking too busy. If you want something more classic yet subtly elegant, you can opt for the traditional style chairs.
  • Versatility – While it’s true that Parisian accent chairs come in distinctive styles, you will be surprised how well they complement contemporary and modern designs. You can place these chairs in the main areas of your café or create specific zones with these and other accent chairs to uplift the look of the space.
  • Add Colour – Depending on the colour theme of your café, choose accent chairs that either blend in with the décor or create a statement and add a pop of colour to monochrome or muted palettes.


Create the Right Impact

While Parisian accent chairs look great on their own (as accents), you can also use them as the main furniture in your establishment and create a genuinely Parisian café-style look. You can achieve this aesthetic by including Parisian side tables to the mix. These tables are an excellent investment. They are solid, amazingly eye-catching and like the Parisian chairs, versatile enough to look fabulous in various settings- indoors and outdoors.

There are different types of Parisian accent tables that can perfectly complement or support the look of other furniture in your café and add French flair to your cafe or restaurant. These stylish, comfortable, lightweight chairs are perfect in every way. You will find some models with armrests and some without.

When buying Parisian accent chairs, look for ones that are durable and styled perfectly. Consider what kind of backs the chairs should have and whether you would need to add cushions to the seats. These are some of the things you need to keep in view while buying Parisian accent chairs.

How to Use Parisian Accent Chairs in Your Café Design

It’s a good idea to consult with experts that would be able to provide you with all the information you need about these chairs, the materials they come in and how you can pair them with the other furniture in your café. They are casual enough to use as the main furniture or add some charm to a nook in your indoor spaces.

Whether you choose to buy Parisian Chairs for your indoor area or outdoor patio area, you will not go wrong. These will be an amazing addition to your ambience. It can help you create a very well-balanced look even in spaces that have some heavy furniture. Always invest in good quality Parisian accent chairs – they will be easy to maintain and will also last for many years.

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