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wooden chairs for your restaurant or bar

Are you in the middle of a restaurant remodel? Is your pub getting a seating upgrade? If so, you may be considering a new selection of chairs for your establishment and, if you’re like many pub or restaurant owners, you feel as though you’ve cut down on the list of options by deciding on wood chairs.

We don’t blame you for going with wood as it is an excellent choice for use in the hospitality industry. But selecting the material is only the first step in a series of decisions you must make to end up with the seating of your dreams.

What style should go with? Will the wooden chairs you’re considering complement your current flooring? Can you afford the chairs you really want?

As one of Sydney’s top purveyors of hospitality furniture, we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve created this list with our top 4 tips and things to consider before investing in wooden chairs.

Let’s dive in!

1. Select a style.

It sounds so simple but make no mistake—choosing a style from the millions of options out there can feel daunting. You can reign in your options by asking yourself this question…

What is my style?

Start by looking at your current space. Which way does it lean? Do you have a traditional pub or a quaint deli bistro? Is yours a fine dining floor with white tablecloths or a more laid-back family eatery?

Defining the style of your space will help you narrow the list of wooden chair options. And here’s the good news—wooden chairs are available in styles that compliment any décor. Whether you lean more traditional or modern…whether you embrace furniture that is big and rustic or sleek and minimalistic…you can rest assured you’ll find a chair that perfectly complements your space.

2. Limit yourself to commercial furniture.

This is a point we find ourselves driving home in almost every blog post…but it is important enough to repeat once more.

Please..please…commit to purchasing your wooden chairs from a reputable commercial furniture dealer.

Commercial chairs are designed to withstand the tremendous wear and tear restaurant seating must endure. Think about how many times a day your current chairs are pulled out, pushed in, and sat on…hundreds? Thousands? It’s almost certainly much more than a residential chair sees in a day.

Commercial chairs are usually designed to accommodate more weight and many have undergone stability, strength, and drop testing, They are also often treated with polyurethane to protect them from spills and stains and to ensure they will last for years to come.

3. Will your chairs be exposed to outdoor elements?

Will some of your chairs be used on an outdoor patio? If so, you’ll want to make sure the chairs you select can withstand the elements as well as standard wear and tear.

Some wood holds up better than other types when exposed to temperature shifts, changing humidity levels, and direct sunlight.

Teak is one of the best options for outdoor hospitality furniture since it is durable and resilient no matter the season. It’s also quite popular these days, so finding teak chairs in contemporary styles has never been easier.

Rattan is another popular option that is having a moment within the hospitality industry. This reed-like wood is usually woven to create lightweight furniture that has no problem standing up to the elements.

And here’s some good news—wooden chairs that can withstand outdoor elements come in a variety of materials and styles that look just as lovely on the dining room floor as they do on the patio, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate style to use outdoors.

4. Set a budget…and stick to it.

We’re not going to lie…creating a budget for restaurant furniture can be hard. And it never seems to fail that, just as you solidify your budget, you inevitably find the perfect chairs that are slightly (or significantly) above it. But the truth is, you can likely find chairs within your budget that have the same look and appeal…it just requires a bit more work.

That’s why it is so important to take time to crunch the numbers and determine exactly how much you have to spend on your new chairs.

If you know you want wooden chairs to grace the floor of your restaurant or pub but aren’t quite sure which style best suits your space, we hope you’ll stop by our showroom where we have hundreds of stunning wood chair options for you to try. Whether you’re looking for something warm and traditional or cool and modern, we’ve got an array of options we’d love to share with you.

And, if you can’t get to our Smithfield showroom you can always shop our online store.

We look forward to showing you just how wonderful wooden chairs will look in your space!

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