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cleaning and caring for your restaurant furniture

If you are the owner of a restaurant, bar, pub, or some other eatery, you know the amount of wear and tear commercial furniture must endure. Does anyone remember the old Timex ad?

Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

We know it was originally written to speak to the durability of watches, but it certainly applies to restaurant furniture.

Commercial tables and chairs are designed to endure the wear and tear that comes from daily use, but wise business owners can further extend the life of their furniture by taking proper care of the pieces. That’s why we’ve created this list with 5 of our favorite cleaning and care tips for commercial furniture. Let’s dive in!

1. Make Routine Inspections

It’s important to schedule routine inspections for your restaurant furniture the same way you do for the kitchen equipment. Monthly inspections should be a minimum, but you may want to work in biweekly checks if you’re able.

Check all tables and chairs for stability. There’s nothing worse for customers than sitting in an unstable chair or wrestling with a wobbly table throughout dinner service. And seeing a wad of napkins shoved under the leg of a table gives patrons the feeling that yours is an establishment lacking in sophistication.

Take time to level tables, tighten any loose screws, and repair any tears to vinyl or fabric coverings. Dispose of any pieces that are damaged beyond repair to avoid a safety risk.

2. Dust

This applies not only to tables and chairs but to the rest of your dining room as well. Removing collected dust from baseboards, light fixtures, and even the walls will go a long way in creating an inviting and clean dining area your guests won’t want to leave.

3. Clean

Cleaning your tables and chairs should happen multiple times a day. Doing so removes spills, water rings, and food debris and will extend the life of your furniture. Tables should be sanitised properly as soon as guests leave and before the next group is seated.

Most commercial furniture can be effectively cleaned using nothing more than warm water, mild soap, and a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and acidic cleaning solutions.

If your restaurant has fabric-covered chairs or booths, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning (though most commercial fabric has been treated to repel stains and often wipes clean with nothing more than a damp rag).

4. Give Wood Furniture a Little Extra TLC

In addition to daily cleanings, wood tables and chairs benefit from a little extra TLC to keep them looking fresh.

Wood polish can be applied quarterly to clean, dry wood and will protect the furniture from spill and water damage and leave it looking rich and nourished.

Similarly, applying a thin layer of wax every 6 – 9 months can keep the wood in good condition and prevent drying and cracking.

Once again, be sure to check the manufacturer’s directions before applying any product to your furniture because, as we like to say, the maker knows how to best care for the furniture they created.

5. Protect Patio Furniture

If you have an outdoor patio area, odds are the furniture you purchased has been specially treated to withstand the outdoor elements. But it is still important to make sure the furniture is in good condition.

Daily dusting and inspection are a must (you never know when one of our fine feathered friends might fly over and leave a “deposit”). Most dirt and/or debris can be sprayed off with a hose and, for sticky food or drink residue, a wet, soapy rag is effective.

And don’t forget to clean patio umbrellas if you have them. Retract them daily, allowing leaves and debris to fall off then spot clean with a rag to remove anything sticky or stubborn. Wooden umbrella poles should be waxed occasionally to keep them in good condition while metal poles may require the occasional application of a spray lubricant to keep hinges moving smoothly.

We hope these tips help you care for your commercial furniture so that it lasts for years to come. And if you decide you’d like to add a few new pieces to your restaurant, bar, or pub we hope you’ll visit our Have a Seat showroom. We have thousands of commercial furniture pieces in a variety of styles, one of which is sure to complement your current décor. Stop by our Smithfield showroom or shop our online store from the comfort of your own home. And, as always, you can contact us with any questions.

With only a little investment in maintenance, you can save yourself thousands of dollars as you avoid replacing broken or stained furniture.

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