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reasons to choose the Chevron chair

If you have stepped into a modern eatery or pub or stayed in a high-end hotel recently, you may have noticed that velvet furniture is having a moment within the hospitality industry. And it’s easy to understand why—regardless of décor style, it seems as though velvet chairs and sofas are popping up everywhere from fine dining establishments to boutique hotel lobbies.

As one of Sydney’s premier purveyors of hospitality furniture, we thought we’d jump on the velvet trend and use today’s blog to highlight one of our favorite velvet pieces…

The Chevron Chair.

There’s plenty to love about this dignified darling, but we thought we’d start off with a brief history lesson about velvet fabric itself and why it is so often associated with luxury and opulence.

Velvet History

It’s important to note that velvet is not a fabric in and of itself. Rather, the term velvet is used to describe the texture and weave of fibers.

Velvet has been in existence for centuries, with most historians theorising it originated in the Far East centuries ago. Originally, velvet was crafted from silk fibers, which meant it was available only to royalty or the very wealthy. To this day, people continue to associate the feel of velvet with luxury.

Modern velvet is crafted from a variety of materials including cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers, making it perfect for use within the hospitality industry.

What Makes Velvet So Great?

    • Commercial Velvet is Built to Last – This is the last time we’ll preface the word “velvet” with the word “commercial”, as it should be a given that any velvet used in the hospitality industry is of a commercial grade.Why? Because (and although we say this with great regularity, it bears repeating) residential furniture is not made for use in your restaurant, pub, or hotel. We understand that it can be tempting to make do with residential furniture, especially if you find it listed for a screaming deal at your local big-box store. But residential furniture is not designed to withstand the tremendous wear and tear that hospitality must endure. And commercial velvet is a high-performance fabric that is perfect for use in high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies and dining floors.
    • It’s Easy to Clean – Restaurant and hotel owners are sometimes reluctant to choose velvet for fear it is difficult to keep clean.Not so! Most commercial (ok, last time…we promise) velvet is treated to repel stains, making cleaning up spills a breeze. And, while some worry about the crushed, or “bruised”, appearance velvet fabric can take on, a quick once-over with a suede brush will have it looking brand new in no time.If you find you have a stubborn stain left from a beverage or food that has dried, be sure to consult cleaning directions (you should have received them from the manufacturer) to find out what cleaning solutions are safe to use.

  • It’s Not Limited to Jewel Tones – Sure, the first thing most of us think of when we imagine velvet furniture are those deep, dreamy jewel tones everyone loves—the rich, vibrant violets and burgundies or the dramatic emerald greens and bold navies.But velvet is available in a variety of shades including crisp creams and whites, soft pastels, and cool grays that can compliment those light, airy spaces where one would assume velvet just couldn’t work.

3 Reasons to Showcase the Chevron in Your Establishment

There are plenty of reasons to choose our Chevron chair, but here are our top 3:

  1. We offer it in two colorways—a deep and moody blue that walks the line between cerulean and navy, and a soft, neutral gray that is reminiscent of campfire smoke or darkening clouds just before a rainstorm. Both are striking and will complement any décor.
  2. It boasts contrasting gold leg accents that, when combined with luxurious velvet, give off an unmistakably opulent and bougie vibe without feeling ostentatious.
  3. It was designed with the comfort of your guests in mind. The velvet itself is plush and wonderfully soft, inviting guests to sit and stay. Once seated, your guests will appreciate the high-density foam cushion and the supportive back that envelopes them in delicious comfort.

The Chevron is available both as a standard chair and as a barstool. If you’d like to give either (or both!) a test drive, stop by our showroom in Smithfield. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call. We’d love to answer any questions and can happily ship an order to you if that is more convenient.

We think you’ll agree—adding the Chevron Chair to your establishment is the perfect way to inject a little luxury into your space. We can’t wait for you to give these devilishly comfortable chairs a try!

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