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low stools for the hospitality industry

You’ve likely seen them in a variety of settings—used at local cafes and eateries or tucked under desks in hotel lobbies. There’s just something easy, breezy and wonderfully appealing about the humble, low barstool.

Now, we know what you’re thinking—what about a comfortable back or armrests or all the other accouterments that keep guests comfortable? While we are all for such accessories in certain circumstances, there are more than a few reasons why low stools are enjoying a moment of wild popularity within the hospitality industry. And, as one of Sydney’s premier purveyors of hospitality furniture, we feel it our duty to share our top 7 reasons why everyone from restaurateurs to hoteliers is falling head over heels for these diminutive beauties.

1. Short in Stature…Big on Personality

Don’t let the low height fool you. Shorter stools can still pack plenty of style punch, and the more popular they become, the more variety is available.

Whether your establishment has embraced a design style that is minimalistic, rustic, or industrial in nature, you’ll be happy to know that there is a low stool available to compliment your current style.

2. They’re the Perfect Alternative for Bench Seating

We’ve all enjoyed a meal around a communal table…but not everyone enjoys clamoring for a seat on a crowded bench. Guests often find getting into and out of bench seating uncomfortable or challenging, especially when wearing a dress.

Low stools provide the perfect alternative seating, allowing guests to easily slide up to and away from the table without having to ask all other guests to slide out as they scoot their way down the length of a bench.

3. They’re Wonderfully Casual

Low stools are anything but pretentious, which is one of the reasons we love them. With their low profile, they are sure to fit seamlessly into virtually any décor without serving as a distraction.

They are also delightfully lightweight, allowing your staff to easily move them into any configuration necessary. Adding seating to a long table for a large party is a breeze and turning a restaurant alcove into a casual gathering area is a snap with a few well-placed stools and a low table.

4. They’re Great for High Traffic Areas

Low stools take up very little restaurant real estate thanks to their lack of backs and arms. They are perfect for lining a wall in your establishment’s waiting area. And if you have a casual café where guests order and then wait for their food, low stools provide comfortable seating that can be tucked up against a wall as clients come and go.

5. They’re More Stable than Taller Stools

When using a low stool, guests can rest their feet firmly on the ground and enjoy a more stable dining experience. Using a taller backless stool forces guests to place their feet on the footrest bar, and to monitor their balance to avoid tipping over. While this is not an issue for most guests, being lower to the ground is a safer option that should be considered when deciding what height of stool to use in your establishment.

6. They’re Economical

Not only do low stools look great in hospitality settings, but they are also often more economical than taller stools or chairs with backs and arms.

The key here is to purchase stools from a reputable dealer of hospitality furniture. Stools made for residential use just aren’t constructed according to the same standards and cannot withstand the tremendous wear and tear that hospitality furniture must endure.

7. They Work Wonderfully in Hotel Lobbies

The low-stool love affair is not limited to restaurants, pubs, and bars. Hotels are also getting in on the action and using them in a variety of ways.

There has been a decided shift within the hospitality industry as hotels offer more tech-centric information hubs in their lobbies. This has encouraged guests to use the lobby area as a socialisation hub of sorts…a gathering place to meet, work, socialise and relax…and low stools are quickly becoming the seating of choice in such areas.

But it’s not just hotel guests who are enjoying the flexibility of low stool seating. Front desk staff appreciate having seating available behind the desk that is not visible from the guest’s perspective and does not take away from the aesthetic of the hotel itself.

If you’ve decided to incorporate low stools as seating options in your hospitality business, we hope you’ll stop by our Sydney showroom. We have an endless supply of low stools in stock in a variety of styles and materials.

Stop by today and see just how good low stools can look!

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