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We’ve all been there—you go into your most-loved restaurant, are seated at your favorite table, and can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal. But the moment you scoot up and reach for your menu you feel it…


And it only gets worse when the staff brings your beverages, as even the tiniest jostle of your table has the surface of your drink trembling like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park is in the building..

Wobble, wobble.

So, instead of enjoying your meal, you spend the evening holding your breath every time someone moves or shoving napkins, sugar packets, and anything else that might fit under one leg of the table in hopes of creating a little support.

In the words of Elton John, it’s a sad, sad situation…but one that is avoidable thanks to advances in modern technology.

We know what you’re thinking—the mere mention of the words “modern tech” instantly has dollar signs dancing in your head, but before you dismiss the idea, consider this:

  • A vast majority of restaurant patrons (75%) say the optics of napkins and sugar packets stuck under table legs is displeasing.
  • A whopping 86% of patrons find sitting at a wobbly table distracting and bothersome.

And that’s why we’re making a case today for the latest innovation in hospitality tables—the flat-tech table base.

What is Flat Tech?

You’d never know flat tech bases were unique based on their appearance. For all intents and purposes, they look like any other standard hospitality table base.

But these ingenious bases sit on hydraulic technology known as the Pad Actuator Device (PAD). Each leg of the base is fitted with its own hydraulic cylinder and all cylinders are connected by fluid-filled hoses. As one leg makes contact with the ground, fluid is shifted from that leg to the others, causing them to extend out toward the ground. When the last leg makes contact with the floor, locking mechanisms engage in the feet and the base is made perfectly stable.

How does this technology benefit business owners?

We’re glad you asked. Restaurant and bar owners are often surprised at how many problems these table bases solve:

  • Customer complaints are reduced – No one likes sitting at a table that feels unstable. If you’re lucky, customers complain and ask to be moved elsewhere…but many patrons opt to stew in silence…then never return.
    With flat tech bases, you can rest easy knowing every table in your establishment is stable.
  • It saves valuable time – Your employees waste precious time trying to stablise wobbly tables and/or moving them around to make them more stable. With flat tech bases, the issue is solved immediately.Another benefit—your staff can quickly and easily combine tables for large parties to create one long eating surface that is level and immobile. No longer do your guests have to draw straws to see who has the misfortune of dining on the “hump” created when two wobbly tables are pulled together.
  • It broadens your setup options – Flat tech bases allow you to make the most of your space. Tables can now be set up on uneven surfaces like gravel, sidewalks, cobblestone, and outdoor decking.
  • They improve safety – Any time spills occur there is an increased risk of falls and injuries, and wobbly tables are often the cause of toppled beverages and dinner plates. With flat tech table bases, your guests can enjoy their meal without worry, and everyone avoids the potential for injury.
  • They improve the appearance of your business – While we’ve all had to make do with wobbly tables, there’s no denying that walking into an establishment and seeing napkins, cardboard, and other quick fixes crammed under table legs colors your opinion of the business.Flat-tech table bases allow your dining floor to look polished and professional…which, in turn, protects the image of your business and keeps customers coming back.
  • They can save you money – It’s true! Think about how many times your staff is forced to comp and replace someone’s drinks and/or meal because of an accident involving a wobbly table.Having a base that remains stable no matter where you place it will save you money in the long run.

If you’re interested in seeing Flat-Tech table bases in action, we hope you’ll stop by the Have A Seat Showroom. We have a nice selection of bases in a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can rest assured you’ll find something that will complement the current décor of your space.

If you aren’t in the Sydney area, you can still shop our flat-tech table base selection by visiting our online store. And if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! You can click here to contact us.

Table bases have come a long way, and flat technology will soon be the standard of the future. We look forward to helping you modernise your business!

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