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A Case for the Flat-Tech Table Base: How One Base Solves So Many Hospitality Problems

We’ve all been there—you go into your most-loved restaurant, are seated at your favorite table, and can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal. But the moment you scoot up and reach for your menu you feel it… Wobble. And it only gets worse when the staff brings your beverages, as even the tiniest jostle of […]

3 Top Secret Tips for Choosing the Perfect Table Base for Your Restaurant Space

Whether you are opening a brand-new eatery or updating the look of your current establishment, odds are changing up your tables is part of your overhaul plan…and it’s easy to understand why. The tables in a restaurant or lounge take up a tremendous amount of the visual space in your dining area, so it makes […]

Marble Tabletops: 6 Reasons Why They’re the Wrong Choice for Your Business…and 7 Options We Like Better

Elegant. Classy. Timeless. No, we’re not talking about Nicole Kidman (though the adjectives certainly apply). We’re talking about the appeal of marble tabletops within the restaurant industry. Marble has been having a moment of late. You’ll see it used for flooring, on walls, and as luxurious tabletops. But purchasing marble tabletops is a costly investment, […]

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