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choosing the perfect table base for your restaurant space

Whether you are opening a brand-new eatery or updating the look of your current establishment, odds are changing up your tables is part of your overhaul plan…and it’s easy to understand why. The tables in a restaurant or lounge take up a tremendous amount of the visual space in your dining area, so it makes sense that you’d want to get their look just right.

But choosing such important pieces can be tricky, especially when you realise you must choose not only the tabletops that your guests will see but also the bases of your tables. And it is important to understand that not all table bases are created equally and there are many factors that will determine the right base for your business.

And that’s why we, as one of Sydney’s leading purveyors of high-quality hospitality furniture, have created a must-read list with 3 of our top tips for picking out the best table base for your establishment.

1. Don’t Discount the COVID Effect

Many restaurateurs are still clawing their way out of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there’s no denying the effect the disease continues to have on those in the hospitality industry. If you’re changing things up in your space, there are a couple of COVID-related trends to consider.

First, it’s important to realise that, as excited as patrons are to return to in-house dining, some are nervous to be squeezed into tight spaces with people they don’t know. Many business owners have noticed increased requests for booth seating as guests feel less exposed when sitting in the “bubble” created within a booth. If you have the space to add a few table bases that can accommodate booth seating, it is worth considering.

Second, there has been a marked uptick in requests for outdoor seating options post COVID. If you have the space to set up even a few tables outside, you’ll likely have guests who are grateful for the option. However, this means you’ll need to purchase table bases that are designed to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Stainless steel or aluminum bases are excellent outdoor options since they can withstand harsh weather and are easier to move than their cast iron counterparts. (Pro tip: if you live in a coastal environment, be sure to purchase table bases that have been coated with an extra protection finish that protects them from corrosion).

2. Think About How Much You Move Your Furniture

Do you enjoy changing up the layout of your dining room on a regular basis? If you answered yes, then it’s going to be important that you choose a lightweight material for your table bases (provided you are not planning to use marble, concrete, or some other heavy material for your tabletops…but more on that later).

Once again, aluminum is a great option for those who are regularly moving tables or who have a seasonal eating space like an outdoor patio where tables are moved outdoors in good weather. For both circumstances, we love folding table bases. They work with round, square, rectangular, and bar-height tables and are wonderfully lightweight, allowing your staff to move them around with ease. We also love the fact that the hinged top lets you turn the tabletop on its side, and the bases are designed to nest together, reducing the amount of space consumed by stored tables.

3. Decide on Your Tabletop BEFORE Choosing a Base

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you love the idea of lightweight aluminum bases if you’ve decided to go with a heavyweight tabletop. Marble tops are undoubtedly lovely…but they require a heavy-duty base to support their tremendous weight.

Cast iron is a natural choice for heavier tabletops as it can support large amounts of weight. Another option is to select a base with multiple columns, allowing the weight of the tabletop to be spread out over a greater area.

One thing worth considering—you can order marble and granite tabletops in a thinner design option, thereby reducing both the cost and the weight of your tabletops. And many tabletop suppliers offer remarkably realistic dupes of heavier materials, allowing restaurant owners to enjoy the look of stone without the weight…or the big hit to the pocketbook.

When you decide the time is right to purchase your table bases, we hope you’ll contact us at Have a Seat. We have a variety of high-quality table bases available both in our showroom and online that are both lovely and functional. Stop by and let us show you all we have to offer.

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