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reasons ottomans are perfect for the hospitality industry

Mention the word “ottoman” and many people think of the large square or rectangular versions gracing the living areas of countless homes. You know, that substantial piece of furniture used to rest your feet at the end of a long day.

Within the hospitality industry, however, ottomans are a jack of all trades, of sorts. They can be used for everything from additional seating to side tables and the aforementioned footrest. But not all ottomans are created equal, and that is why, as one of Sydney’s premier resources for high-quality hospitality furniture, we thought we’d go over why ottomans are such a great piece for restaurants, lounges, and hotels, and what goes into crafting the perfect ottoman.

Reasons to Love Ottomans

1. They’re Versatile

There’s no denying, ottomans are wonderfully versatile. They make great seating in lounge areas and hotel lobbies. It’s so easy to pull an ottoman up to a table or into a circle of guests when someone joins at the last minute.

They also make an excellent impromptu side table if you need a place to rest your coffee while working on your laptop in a hotel lobby. And having ottomans that are properly padded increases the likelihood that hotel guests will pull one up to use in the more traditional fashion, resting their feet as they work or relax.

2. They’re Easily Personalised

One of the biggest advantages to using ottomans is the fact that they can be crafted to complement a variety of decor. Whether your establishment is sleek and modern or bold and bougie, you’ll find an ottoman that blends right in with your current furnishings. Wooden ottomans make durable seats (although they may not be the comfiest option for long-term sitting) and work wonderfully as a side table.

If you want an ottoman with a bit more padding, you can have yours covered in a variety of covering options. From fabric to vinyl to leather, there’s an option out there that is perfect for your place.

3. They’re Economical

If you’re looking for pieces that offer you plenty of bang for your buck, you won’t find a better option than ottomans. This is due, in large part, to their versatility. After all, buying extra chairs can quickly add up, and they take up plenty of real estate. But ottomans are smaller in scale and can be used for different purposes in your space, making them a terrific option for business owners working with a budget.

A Few Things to Consider When Buying Ottomans

  • Not all ottomans are created equal – We’ve made this point in other blogs, but it is important enough that it bears repeating. Do not purchase residential ottomans to use in a hospitality setting…no matter what kind of price break you’re offered.

    Residential furniture is made to withstand home use…and the wear and tear hospitality furniture must endure is a whole other animal. You can expect the ottomans used in your business to be sat upon, scooted, and shifted multiple (perhaps hundreds of) times each day. The ottomans you’ll find in a showroom specializing in hospitality furniture (ahem) are designed to withstand the rigorous wear and tear of the industry without breaking down. Any residential ottomans you bring into the hospitality space will likely require replacing in a matter of months…and all the money you “saved” will be spent purchasing replacements.

  • Look for Solid Wood Frames – Again, when it comes to longevity, a solid frame will serve you better than the ottomans that are more of a pouf with no interior frame.

    Ottomans with a wood frame provide greater support to guests and can withstand more weight. Will you come across ottomans offered at a lower price point with frames made of particleboard rather than solid wood? You will. Should you turn and run away? Absolutely.

  • Consider the Exterior – Will a solid wood ottoman be around for a lifetime? Probably…but it won’t be the most comfortable piece of furniture in your place, and it will likely be quite heavy.

    That doesn’t mean you’re forced to choose an ottoman covered in fabric and prone to tears and stains. Once again, warehouses specialising in hospitality furniture are going to have what you need, like ottomans covered in long-lasting, commercial-grade foam for comfort and then topped with durable PU upholstery that can withstand the inevitable spills that come as part of the hospitality industry.

If you are ready to explore ottomans as a unique, out-of-the-box seating option for your establishment, contact us at Have a Seat. We have a variety of ottomans available both in our showroom and online store that will bring flexibility to the lounge or lobby area of your business. And our staff of knowledgeable hospitality professionals is ready to answer any questions and guide you as you select the perfect ottomans for your space.

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