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Those working in the hospitality industry know that the tables and chairs you choose can make or break your business. After all, who wants to linger over lunch (ordering an extra cocktail or enjoying a leisurely dessert) if they’re forced to sit in uncomfortable chairs that are better suited for a torture chamber than the dining floor?

The truth is, having ill-suited furniture…no matter how expensive or on-trend…can have a negative effect on your revenue, so it’s important to get it right. But it can be challenging to find tables and chairs that work regardless of your restaurant style or location.

Enter the classic galvanised table and chair set.

We know what you’re thinking—metal tables and chairs have been around forever—but hear us out. In terms of getting the biggest bang for your buck, you won’t find a wiser option than a quality galvanised set.

As one of Sydney’s premier providers of hospitality furniture, we’ve created a list with our top 4 reasons why galvanised furniture is the best choice for your restaurant or pub.

But wait…what is “galvanised” metal?

We’re glad you asked! Galvanised is a term used to describe metal that has been treated to withstand pretty much anything—rust, weather, corrosion, humidity…you name it. Think of galvanised tables and chairs as the Superman of hospitality furniture. Here it comes to save the day…

Which brings us to our list of reasons you need galvanised furniture in your eatery…

1. It’s remarkably durable.

There’s a reason why commercial kitchens are filled with galvanised shelving and prep tables—this furniture can take tons of abuse and remain standing (and look like it just came off the showroom floor).

Galvanised furniture is treated to withstand the significant wear and tear hospitality must endure on a daily basis and look no worse for wear. In fact, you can expect a quality set of galvanised furniture purchased from a reputable hospitality furniture dealer to last for 50 years or more. Talk about a reliable investment.

2. It’s wonderfully versatile.

If yours is an establishment offering both indoor and outdoor seating, you may have experienced the headaches that come from having two different styles of seating for each area. After all, those bougie velvet chairs you have indoors just won’t survive long when exposed to the sun and other outdoor elements.

When you purchase galvanised furniture, you have a set that is equally at home indoors or out. The metal is chemically treated to withstand weather extremes, to laugh in the face of rain and snow, and to take all the heat the sun can put out. That means that, if someone wants to rent out your patio area for a private event, you can easily move furniture from the indoor dining floor outdoors without worrying about fabric getting damaged.

Having such flexibility can be a real lifesaver!

3. It’s surprisingly lightweight.

If you enjoy regularly changing the configuration of your dining area or have a seasonal outdoor area that is closed for part of the year, you and your staff will appreciate the lightweight nature of many galvanised tables and chairs.

Having lightweight furniture also makes it easier to move tables and chairs together to accommodate large parties and makes clearing your seasonal patio area much easier. Many galvanised chairs can be stacked, which means they’ll take up less precious space during the off-season.

4. It’s impressively economical.

Unlike other materials, galvanised metal furniture gives you plenty of bang for your hard-earned bucks…and we all know how important that is.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog (thank you!), you’ve likely read this warning before, but it bears repeating—avoid big-box retailers offering bargain-basement prices on galvanised furniture that was designed to be used in homes. It is not made to withstand the high levels of wear and tear that commercial furniture must endure and will likely break down, forcing you to spend additional money to replace damaged pieces.

Any good purveyor of hospitality furniture should have a variety of galvanised sets at varying price points, allowing you to purchase pieces that will stand the test of time at a reasonable price.

If you are interested in purchasing galvanised furniture for your restaurant or bar, we hope you’ll contact us at Have a Seat or stop by our Smithfield showroom. We have a variety of galvanised sets and chairs that will complement the décor of your establishment. Stop by the showroom and try them out for yourself. We think you’ll agree—galvanised sets provide comfortable seating that will last for decades without breaking the bank.

We look forward to showing you just how great galvanised furniture can be!

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