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If you are considering changing up the seating in your bar or eatery, you’ve likely looked at a variety of options in a range of price points. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have bills to burn, you might be surprised to learn that plastic seating just might be the answer to your prayers.

When you think of plastic seating, what comes to mind? If you instantly bring up a childhood memory of sitting around at a family reunion in thin plastic chairs with wobbly legs that, depending on how many months they’ve been exposed to the elements, could snap like rotten twigs, we’ve got good news for you. Plastic seating has come a long way in recent years and many restaurateurs have realized what you’ll soon know—chairs made of polypropylene offer business owners an economical option and can be fashioned to fit in with virtually any décor.

Today we’ll highlight 5 reasons why plastic seating can be the perfect solution for your restaurant and bar and show you a few examples that prove just how good plastic chairs can look.

Why should I consider plastic seating?

1. It’s low maintenance

When you’re running a restaurant or bar, there are a million things to take care of throughout the day…and maintaining your seating doesn’t have to be one of them. Metal chairs are susceptible to dents and wooden chairs require frequent polishing to keep the wood looking healthy. While rattan seating is certainly a popular trend these days, it has a hard time holding up to the heavy use commercial furniture endures.

Plastic seating is wonderfully durable and ridiculously easy to clean. No special cleaners or polish are needed—simply wipe your chairs down with a clean cloth and your favorite antibacterial cleaner. Your staff will spend less time caring for plastic chairs and be more available to tend to your customers.

2. It’s eco-friendly

Yes, you read that correctly. Modern technology makes it possible for plastic chairs to be crafted from 100% recycled materials, keeping plastic waste out of landfills, and offering your guests surprisingly comfortable and durable seating.

Take high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, as an example. Made primarily from recycled plastics like water bottles and milk jugs, HDPE is created to have the appearance and texture of real lumber and looks beautiful when used for seating on an outdoor patio or in a restaurant with a more rustic aesthetic.

While recycled plastics are on the higher end of the pricing scale, many restaurant owners proudly share the fact that their seating is eco-friendly and build it into their brand voice which, in turn, draws in customers for whom environmental consciousness is a priority.

plastic chairs
Photo from Luxe Decor

3. It’s Wonderfully Stylish

One of the reasons eatery owners hesitate to purchase plastic is the fear that their seating will look cheap and reflect badly on their brand.

Once again, technological advancements save the day, affording designers the ability to craft beautiful seating that can fit into a variety of design aesthetics.

Smiley Armchair
Plastic Chair
Plastic Chair

Whether yours is a classic café or a modern marvel offering a variety of gastronomic delights, you can rest assured that plastic seating is available in a style that will blend beautifully with your established décor.

4. It’s lightweight

Don’t underestimate the value of lightweight furniture options. Your staff will certainly appreciate the ease with which they are able to move plastic chairs about once closing time comes and the floors must be cleaned. Plastic seating is infinitely lighter than wood or metal chairs, which means clean up can happen in a fraction of the time.

Plastic seating is equally perfect if you have a seasonal, outdoor dining area. Once the summer season is over, plastic chairs can easily be moved off the patio and stored until next year.

And if you are an owner who loves to constantly change up the seating arrangement on your dining room floor, having plastic chairs makes it easy to move seating about without throwing out your back or the backs of your employees.

5. It’s durable

One of the strongest selling points of plastic chairs is their durability. Plastic chairs hold up wonderfully against the everyday wear and tear commercial seating must endure. And, unlike wooden furniture, you don’t have to worry about your commercial plastic furniture fading or cracking when exposed to outdoor elements (always confirm before you buy that your plastic chairs are designed to withstand direct sunlight and weather exposure).

And so…

If you’re interested in seeing just how beautifully plastic seating can work in your restaurant or bar, contact us at Have a Seat or stop by our showroom where we have plenty of gorgeous options for your consideration.

We think you’ll find plastic chairs to be a beautiful, durable, and economical option for your establishment.

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