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The seating options provided are one of the first things guests notice when entering your café, lounge, or restaurant. Even if the thought is subconscious, patrons can’t help but assess your offerings and think to themselves “How comfortable am I going to be here?” The type of seating you offer can determine whether guests dine and dash or choose to enjoy a leisurely meal with plenty of time to order extra beverages and eats. And tub chairs may be just the thing you need to ensure visitors enjoy their time with you.

But what, exactly, is a tub chair? Tub chairs offer low seating and soft cushioning, with a high back and arms that provide plenty of support. You’ve likely seen tub chairs gracing the floor of your favorite, lounge, bar, or boutique hotel lobby.

If you are thinking of shaking up the seating in your establishment for the new year, consider adding tub chairs into your seating rotation. You just might be surprised how happy this decision makes your customers. Here’s 4 reasons why.

1. They’re Classic

Though some tub chair styles lend a sleek, modern feel to a space, the truth is this design has been around for centuries. Tub chairs were created in France during the 18th century and King Louis XV is credited with popularising the style when he made them exclusive to the French courts. The unique shape of the chair quickly became a symbol of station and luxury, and there is a King-Louis-style tub chair that is still popular in the design world today.

Though the look of the modern tub chair has changed, it remains a classic that fits seamlessly into virtually any design style.

2. They’re Comfortable

There’s a reason King Louis was obsessed with the tub chair. They offer ridiculously comfortable seating. The seats are wonderfully cushioned…and can we talk about the arms and back for just a moment? The high arms offer perfect support as you linger over a glass of wine, and the tall and supportive back lets you lean back and sink into ultimate comfort. When we say guests who are seated in tub chairs never want to leave, we aren’t kidding.

3. They’re Versatile

The beauty of tub chairs is they work wonderfully in a variety of environments—from cafés to lounges and bars or restaurants. If you want to entice guests to sit back, relax, and stay a while, you’ll be well served by adding tub chairs to your seating options.

The classic shape of a tub chair is surprisingly versatile. Whether yours is a casual, laid-back bar a high-end, bougie lounge, or a fine-dining restaurant, tub chairs work wonderfully. This is due, in part, to the fact they can be crafted from a variety of materials. Tub chairs made of metal or wood work perfectly to compliment an industrial aesthetic. Cover them in rich, dark leather and they can be slipped seamlessly into a cigar lounge or steakhouse. Drape them in sumptuous velvet and you have luxurious seating perfect for a high-end restaurant.

4. They’re Budget Friendly

Another perk to tub chairs—they can be crafted to fit within any budget. If you have plenty to spend, the sky really is the limit. Tub chairs crafted from metal or carved from wood may be pricey, but they are going to pack plenty of visual punch.

If you are working within a tighter budget, don’t lose hope—there are plenty of lovely upholstery options in every price range. If you love the look of leather but can’t swing the price, consider buying tub chairs covered in faux leather (you’ll be amazed how realistic it looks!). And, if you like leather but hate the negative environmental effects caused by the production process, opt for eco-leather, which is genuine leather made using a “vegetal” tanning process that has less of an environmental impact.

If you have a limited budget and worry that fabric tub chairs will look boring in your space, you couldn’t be more wrong. Tub chairs looked lovely draped in a variety of fabrics, and there are plenty of options that are currently trending. Velvet will be huge in 2022 regardless of the season and bumps up luxury factor of any space. And, if you haven’t heard about the bouclé trend yet, you will…so why not get ahead of the curve and use it on your tub chairs? This soft and knubby fabric will add a wonderful textural element and plenty of visual interest to your eatery.

We hope this has inspired you to try this classic chair style in your own business. And, if you’re looking for the perfect place to peruse the latest trends in hospitality seating, visit our website or stop by our showroom to see just how good your seating can look.

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