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Maintaining the appearance and condition of tabletops is no small task, especially when you’re talking about tables used in a commercial setting. The constant use and never-ending wear and tear can do a number on typical tabletops. That’s why, if you’re looking to revamp the tabletops in your eating establishment, you may want to opt for durable and beautiful epoxy resin.

What is epoxy resin?

Resin, or epoxy, is a product used for refinishing. When combined with a chemical hardener, resin solidifies to a glossy surface that is long lasting and durable.

Resin tabletops are available in a variety of finishes and colors, allowing you to enjoy customised tabletops that blend seamlessly with your restaurant’s décor and style.

What are the benefits of having epoxy resin tabletops?

1. Offers a Durable Finish

The glossy finish of a resin tabletop will last for years. Odds are high that you will decide to change up the décor of your restaurant before the sheen on your tabletops wears off. While the protective coating on other tabletop materials is prone to cracking, resin tabletops are resistant to cracks, making them a favorite among discerning restauranteurs.

If you find that the high-gloss finish looks dull over time, a quick polish using a clean cloth and a bit of mineral oil will easily bring back the original luster to your tabletop.

2. Available in Various Colors and Styles

There’s no end to the variety found in the world of resin tabletops. Available in a myriad of shades—from subtle and subdued to wildly eye catching—resin tabletops can be crafted in any shade you prefer.

Resin can also be poured to mimic the appearance of wood, allowing restaurant owners to enjoy the organic look and richness of wood at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re looking for tables that seem to be carved from light and inviting oak or rich and indulgent mahogany, resin can mimic the appearance of virtually any natural material.

And if you’re looking for a more industrial material, know that resin can be designed to mimic concrete or stone.

3. Heat Resistant

If you’ve ever had wood tabletops in your restaurant you know the danger moisture and heat pose to the appearance of your tables. Thankfully, resin offers superior heat protection when compared to other materials often used in the restaurant industry. It will be a weight off your shoulders knowing your tables will maintain their lovely look…no matter how hot a guest’s bowl of corn chowder or cup of coffee may be.

4. Lightweight

Your staff will be singing your praises if you opt for lightweight resin over heavier options like wood, concrete, or stone.

The light nature of resin makes moving tables about your restaurant a breeze, allowing you and your staff to effortlessly alter the seating arrangements and capacity of your space as needed.

5. Non-Porous

Although untreated wood tabletops lend a rustic appeal to a space, they can also be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Unlike wood and some natural stone, resin tabletops are naturally nonporous and resistant to bacteria and mold.

How do I care for epoxy resin tabletops?

As resilient as resin tabletops may be, they will last even longer if you and your staff know to properly care for them. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Don’t Scrub…Buff! – It may feel cathartic to really go after the food buildup on a table, but your resin tabletops will last longer with gentler treatment. Avoid the urge to vigorously scrub your resin tabletops. Instead, use average force to wipe tables clean. Any stuck-on food can be removed by using a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub food away. Once the food is removed, gently buff with a soft cloth.
  • Keep Harsh Chemicals Away – It may be tempting to sanitise your resin tabletops with harsh chemicals like bleach or alcohol. Unfortunately, both can soften the finish on the resin and ruin your tables. Instead, use an industrial cleaner that is approved for resin tables and is anti-bacterial. You’ll have sanitised tables with the resin finish intact.
  • Use Steam Cleaning for Tough Stains – Spills happen in a restaurant, and you may find that some stains are harder than others to remove. When dealing with particularly stubborn stains, break out the old steam cleaner—yes, the one you use to get the wrinkles out of waitstaff uniforms or restaurant drapes—and make a few passes over the stain. Resin holds up wonderfully to both heat and moisture, and the steam will loosen even the most caked-on, stickiest food substances.

And so…

When you’re ready to give the tables in your space a bit of a refresh, consider using epoxy resin tabletops. We think you’ll find this material to be somewhat magical in the way it withstands everyday wear and tear while looking high end at a fraction of the cost.

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