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When it comes to picking the right seating for your eatery, you just can’t go wrong with a metal chair. You may have noticed more and more restaurants are upgrading from plastic chairs, moving away from wood and toward metal with increasing regularity.

So, what gives?

What is it about metal chairs that restaurant owners find so darn appealing? Today we’ll look at 5 reasons that may have you considering metal for your next seating upgrade.

Why You Should Consider Metal Chairs

1. Offer a Resilient and Timeless Seating Option

The fact that metal is wonderfully resilient is one of its biggest selling features. Restaurant owners who offer indoor and outdoor dining love the fact that metal chairs show very little deterioration, even after being exposed to the elements…for decades.

Adding an anti-rust coating to chairs that will live outdoors further increases their longevity, and colorful cushions made of weather-resistant material offer guests a bit of comfort while encouraging them to linger over their meal (and perhaps order one more round of drinks).

2. Available in a Myriad of Designs

Metal chairs are available in a variety of design styles and colors. Some are intricately ornate and look as if they belong at a Victorian garden party, with winding metal flowers weaving their way along the back of the chair. Others are sleek and stylish, perfect for the modern café. And, if you have an industrial-styled eatery, metal chairs are absolute perfection, offering that powerful element to go along with rich woods and exposed pipes.

3. Can Be Stackable

Stackable metal chairs are a lifesaver for restaurant owners with seasonal outdoor eating spaces. Once the temperatures begin to drop, chairs can be stacked and moved to an out-of-the way location until your patio is back in business. Reducing the chairs’ exposure to the elements allows them to last even longer.

Stackable chairs are equally valuable indoors where they allow business owners to customise the layout of their dining area, adding seating options during busy seasons and neatly stacking out of the way when business is slower.

Even if you aren’t storing chairs long term, having the option of stacking makes cleaning restaurant floors infinitely easier. Gone are the days of stacking chairs on tables to get to the floors. Now you can stack chairs on themselves, neatly out of the way, while floors are cleaned at the end of the night.

Unlike bulky wooden chairs, metal chairs are more streamlined, making the dining area of your restaurant appear larger and roomier, and keeping guest from feeling overcrowded.

4. Surprisingly Comfortable

People sometimes assume metal chairs will be uncomfortable, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Metal chairs can be purchased in a variety of ergonomic styles with comfortable seats and backs that support the spine. Once again, upholstered seat cushions can be added to up the cozy factor of any metal chair.

5. Easy to Care For

Metal chairs were made for the high turnover hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry. Unlike other, more delicate materials that require specialised care, metal is quickly and easily wiped down and sanitized between parties.

Another benefit—metal chairs are wonderfully resilient and, unlike their wood brethren, rarely need repairs.

Which Metal Chair is Right for You?

Let’s look at some of the most popular styles of metal chairs for the modern restaurant space:

  • Metal Chairs with Arms – When your dining chair has the added touch of arms, it’s just a bit more luxe and comfier. Chair arms give you a place to rest your arms and make you feel more supported than an armless chair. They also make it easier to get close to or away from the table as you can grab the arms to scoot your chair about. Chairs with arms do a better job of filling up a restaurant space, so if your place has space to spare, consider using armchairs to add a bit of coziness to an open floorplan.
  • Armless Bistro Chairs – Armless chairs are perfect for restaurants or cafes where space is limited. They take up less room, allowing restaurant owners to maximise their space. They are also stackable, which means you can add and remove chairs as needed. Armless bistro chairs are quaint and timeless and can be purchased in a variety of colors.
  • Metal Chairs with Wood Seats – If you love mixing materials, you’ll love the look of cool metal balanced against the warmth of a wood seat. The resulting chair is elegant and high-end without coming across as pretentious. Metal chairs with wood seats are perfect for restaurants with an industrial or modern farmhouse aesthetic.

If you are interested in swapping out your current seating for metal chairs, contact us at Have a Seat. We have a variety of solid metal and mixed-material chairs that are sure to compliment the styling of your establishment. Stop by our showroom to see just how beautiful metal chairs can be.

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