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You may have noticed rattan bistro chairs popping up in quaint cafés and outdoor eateries near you. Many restaurant owners are embracing the recent surge in popularity of bistro chairs, and it’s easy to understand why. These beauties may appear delicate, but bistro chairs are surprisingly durable, having been originally created to hold up against the cobble-stone streets of Paris.

Today, we’ll dive into the history behind these woven wonders and see how designers are bringing the classic style into the 21st century.

Where did bistro chairs come from?

Bistro chairs are instantly recognizable, thanks to their intricately woven patterns which are woven onto a rattan frame. Bistro chairs were first created by Louise Drucker of Maison Drucker, the oldest rattan chair workshop in France. Maison Drucker began crafting rattan chairs by hand in 1885 and is using the same techniques today to create stunning bistro chairs.

How are bistro chairs made?

The frame of a bistro chair is made from rattan, a reed in the palm tree family whose long stalks can be bent into various shapes. Though it is lightweight, rattan is also quite durable, making it the perfect sustainable product for creating bistro chairs.

After the chair frame is created, artisans weave the seat and back of the chair from fibrous material. These woven pieces can range from simple, solid colors to bold and intricate designs.

What makes bistro chairs so popular now?

There’s no way around it…bistro chairs are having a moment in the restaurant design industry. Stroll down any urban street and you’ll likely see bistro chairs being used in both indoor and outdoor venues. The question is…why?

    • They’re perfect for outdoors – If you have an outdoor patio at your restaurant and are looking for furniture that can withstand being subjected to outdoor elements, look no further than bistro chairs. Rattan was made to withstand the punishing environment of the jungle and holds just fine to everyday wear and tear.


    • They’re ridiculously comfortable – Remember…the bistro chair originated in Paris, a city whose residents routinely spend hours at restaurants and cafés socialising as they eat. It makes sense that the chairs used to accommodate those enjoying leisurely meals would be some of the most comfortable in the world. Bistro chairs were made to keep guests comfy for extended periods of time.


    • They’re wonderfully eye catching – There is no end to the color combinations and design styles restaurateurs can choose from when buying bistro chairs. Choose chairs that blend in with your current décor or opt for chairs in a contrasting shade that offer a pop of color and eye-catching contrast. You’ll be amazed at the way colorful bistro chairs beckon passersby to stop and visit your eatery! And don’t feel as though all your chairs must match. Choosing chairs in a couple of contrasting patterns or shades adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your establishment, making it feel less formal and more approachable.


    • They’re lightweight – If you enjoy changing up the layout of your dining areas, you will love having bistro chairs. Rattan is notoriously lightweight, allowing you to easily move tables and chairs about without wearing out your staff…or your own back.


    • They’re impervious to inclement weather – Rattan grows in tropical jungle climates and is accustomed to high humidity, plenty of precipitation, and scorching sun, so it should come as no surprise to learn this resilient reed does just fine when crafted into bistro chairs. Most bistro chairs are also coated with a protective finish, ensuring your set will last for years to come.



Do you have a couple of examples of well-made bistro chairs?

Of course! Let’s take a look at a couple of beauties sold right in our store:

Parisian Barchair in Black

Parisian Barchai

This lovely chair is a perfect example of how to pull off an understated bistro chair. Here, the beauty of the rattan shines through against the sleek black seat and back. The muted color allows the texture of the intricately woven pieces to take center stage and gives a more organic feel when compared to more brightly colored chairs. A true standout, these barchairs look right home both indoors and outdoors.



Santorini Armchair



Isn’t she absolutely stunning? Our Santorini armchair will have customers clamoring for a seat, and it’s easy to understand why. The striking blue and white diamond pattern is iconic for bistro chairs and would look right at home in some quaint eatery in Greece. But this eye-catching chair will look equally lovely in your own establishment, and the unique armchair design adds an extra level of comfort your guests are sure to love.

If you’re looking for an easy way to freshen up the look of your indoor or outdoor dining area, look no further than bistro chairs. Adding bistro chairs is the perfect way to bring a bit of European charm to your restaurant décor.



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