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Imagine waiting to be seated during dinner service at your neighborhood’s trendiest eatery. When the host approaches, he turns and points to a table in the middle of the crowded dining floor, then to an intimate booth before asking, “What’s your preference?”

If you are like most patrons, you’ll choose the intimate atmosphere of the booth over the hustle and bustle that surrounds the table. But intimacy isn’t the only enticing feature of the restaurant booth. In fact, we’ve gathered 6 reasons that restaurant goers prefer booths over tables…and they may have you considering booth installation for your own establishment.

1. Booths are Cozy

There is something undeniably cozy about sitting in a booth. Patrons often find themselves tucking their legs up underneath them or leaning casually to one side or the other—a feat that is hard to pull off while dining at a table.

Because guests can get comfortable and linger over drinks and meals, they often end up staying longer and spending more money. On the other hand, dining at a table in the middle of a busy service can make guests feel rushed to wrap up their meal quickly

2. Booths are Private

Particularly when they have high backs or are positioned against a wall, booths create a den of privacy for guests. It’s easier to have a private conversation as you’re not forced to raise your voice to be heard over the din of the other patrons.

Not only are booths private, but many people also view them as being safer. Guests feel more comfortable leaving bags and purses pushed up against the wall of the booth than hanging them on the back of a chair. And, as we slowly crawl out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many diners feel safer eating within the confines of a booth rather than out at a table.

3. Booths are Comfortable

Most booths offer padded seats and backs, making them infinitely more comfortable than a standard chair. The larger surface area of booth seating allows guests to spread out comfortably which, in turn, reduces the amount of fatigue they experience and entices them to stay longer…and we all know that a longer stay increases the likelihood that one more round will be ordered.

4. Booths Enjoy Less Restaurant Traffic

There’s not much worse than trying to enjoy a meal while seated at a table in a busy restaurant. Every side of your table is basically a lane other restaurant goers may use to get from one side of the establishment to another, or back and forth to the restrooms. You may find that you are perpetually bumped with trays, whacked as guests near you remove coats, or that your bag is constantly being knocked off the back of your chair.

One of the biggest advantages of sitting at a booth is the fact that foot traffic around your dining location is greatly reduced. Because booths are usually built against a wall, wait staff and passersby are limited to navigating around a single side of the table. This reduces the hectic feeling that can come with sitting out on the dining floor and makes you feel as if you’ve been awarded a hidden oasis amid the scrum.

5. Booths Save Space

Because booths are most often placed against the outer perimeter of restaurants, they are great at helping restaurant owners maximise space. Regardless of your establishment’s layout or size, booths can be custom made to fit according to your restaurant’s specifications.

6. Booths are Lifesavers for Families with Young Children

If you’ve ever tried to eat out with young children, you know the panic that comes with taking even the best behaved youngsters out in public. Booths are a great alternative for parents or groups with young children in tow. Booth seating allows multiple children to sit alongside one another on a single bench rather than having a chair for each child. And, because booths only have one point of exit, parents can sit at the opening of the booth and relax knowing their children are contained.

Options for Booth Seating

Modern-day booth seating is anything but boring.

minimalist boothsUnderstated and minimalistic booths are perfect for letting other parts of your establishment shine without competing for attention. If you need quality seating that doesn’t draw too much attention, these simple booths should be calling your name.



buttoned booth seatIf you are looking to add a bit of drama and luxury to your booth seating, consider adding a buttoned booth seat to your dining floor. The button detailing on the back of the booth gives the sense of dining in an exclusive club.




custom boothsAnd if you find that your space requires specially made booths, fear not. Any quality supplier of hospitality furniture will be able to craft custom booths for your establishment. You envision the design, select the materials, and let the experts work their magic, creating beautiful booth designs that are unique to your restaurant or pub.



When you decide you’re ready to add booth seating to your restaurant, we hope you’ll reach us at Have A Seat. Our experts look forward to showing you the beautiful booths we have in stock or creating a custom booth just for you. Visit our showroom or contact us here for more information.

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